Saturday, June 25, 2016

Move-in day, saying goodbye to our Bostonian and the frustrations of this city

Well, day 3 in Boston seemed frustrating. But I will try to first focus on the positives. We got to see our NYC girl, now turned Bostonian, one last time. She moved into her high rise apt with her ballet buds. It's not a shabby place. A very cool view, neat location and awesome pool on top of the building with an amazing view of Boston. I am slightly jealous of that. The kids were hoping for some time in the pool but it was closed today and we had no time anyway. Hays had a quick move-in but somehow in that time Logan ended up with another injury. We're telling everyone he got beat up in Boston but in reality he fell off the toilet (and not while peeing 😁) Which I guess is getting beat up by the toilet! 😉  After that we had a yummy Shake Shack lunch, did a small portion of the freedom trail again(kids got their junior ranger awards/badges) and we drove over to the harbor front and had Starbucks and ice cream at the Hood's largest ice cream bottle outside the children's museum.  It was a cool setting and we could see them throwing tea in the river from where we were sitting. We even threw our own tea in (though Lo threw his on daddy 😳). Then we raced hays back to her apt to eat her first dinner in her new home. The rest of our fam ended up getting pizza again which was fine but we wanted to just find a park or place to let the kids play so we could relax a bit. We found a few parks but no parking or no place that we were allowed to park. And we finally pulled along side the T train and ate. Not the setting I was hoping for. Then I just wanted to find something Boston cream to eat. Went back to Cambridge and the same store (Sweet) was out of Boston cream cupcakes. Third time in a row. Then was going to get ice cream at Toscaninis and the line was out the door. L was asleep so we went to the hotel. I cannot get over how screwy the roads are here and how unable our phones were to find plances. Major frustration and waste of time. I am ready to go home. Everyone raves about Boston but I'm not sold on it. At any rate, I pray our Hays loves it here for the next 5 weeks and she learns a ton at Boston ballet!  We drove by the studios today and it's a neat location. I hear it's beautiful inside too. We will never know. We will probably never be back and I don't get to see my girl dance in July since she is flying to FL and meeting us there for vacation. I am sad about this. I miss seeing her dance. So much. 😕

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