Thursday, June 9, 2016

One more day...and a friend's fun farm!

The end is in sight for sure!  One more day of VBX.  Don't get me's been a fun ride...but it's time to get back to summer!  I was not in the right mind-set to volunteer this year. I don't regret that I did it (I love those little 3 year olds!), but I also just need to be home now.  It's just the season of life I'm in.  All that to say, that we made it. One more day and we will be free for to unpack our home that never got unpacked last year. Free to just stay home (aside from our two vacations).  YAY for that!
 Here's a few fun VBX pics :)  Of Ash and her best friend, Maggie. Seriously, she has told me she is her best friend. She is actually one of Hailey's best friends, but that sorta counts for her since Ash thinks she is just like Hailey!  But she did say Dylan got the better end of the deal last year with Hailey AND Maggie as his leader. She only got Maggie this year. Though I think she did like Maggie's friend, Morgan, too.
 YAY for Playdoh!  We got it out today and the 3 year olds loved it.  Loggy made a mountain for Mt. Kilimanjaro!  And a volcano on top!
 I sorta got a pic of him singing today.
 We played a fun game in story time today...the worker bees (kids) had to bring Shelby their food :)
 And at recess time they buried my feet in the tire mulch. That stuff is hot!
 Best 2/3 year old shepherds around! 
 Tee hee...can you tell who is behind that zebra and elephant mask!? 
 Right after VBX we visited our friend's new house out in Martinsville.  It's awesome.  I am not at all a farm girl, but I can definitely see the enticement of being out in the country.  They have tons of animals (this is not an enticement to me...but is to the kids!)...Lo got his first experience with kittens...5 week old ones.  Soooo cute. And so patient with a 3 year old :)
 The two mama barn cats...there was one more too...and some daddies :)  I thought they looked so funny sitting up here watching us with their kittens :)
 I think they had like 15 kittens, but 5 had died...but there was still lots of kittens to go around and they were looking for homes for all of them. I thought this one looked like Nee Nee :) So cute. He had a bad eye at the moment, but Lo loved him...he would not leave him alone.  Shelby protected him :)

 She fell in love with this little one. It was the runt of the group and has a cold and just laid in her hands...soooo cute.
 Seriously...cutest thing ever.  Just stared at Shelby and it was all downhill from here. You know how Shelb can be relentless about things...she is now on a kick for us to sell our house and buy a farm...or at least get one of these kittens. She is even planning ways to make money to pay vet bills.  You have no idea how much we have heard about kittens tonight.  I am worn.  Even Hailey is probably worn and she is nowhere near us! But she heard an earful!
 They also have a pony...we got to feed him a carrot and an apple.  He's a cutie! Plus they have two barn dogs...and like 12 chickens (that lay eggs!) and a bunny.  Shelb was in animal-heaven!
 We got to zipline.  Shelb also wants to figure out a way to make this in our backyard...specifically from her window to the woods behind us.  The girl never stops thinking!
 Someone LOVED the zip-line a whole lot!
 He could have zipped all day long!  Until he splatted into a tree and scraped up his back :(
 D loved it too.  I can just imagine if we lived in the woods.  It's almost like being in Maggie Valley.  Just makes you appreciate the outdoors and the simple fun you can have!
 They did this for like an hour.
 Seriously, so much fun.  I wish we had a big tree or two to do this on.  And check out the 3 year old sitting precariously watching.  Yes, he had no fear of the 6 ft ladder and climbing it by himself.
 They own 55 acres near the Morgan/Monroe forest area...and this beautiful creek with fish in it and turtles.  Our kids were in heaven.
 We left, but Ash stayed with her best bud and found geodes and played in the creek for hours.  I do was beautiful out there...but I have no gift for taking care of the land and animals and all that. I like the idea of it, but I also like my nice, new house and not all the work a farm would bring.  But I do think it'd be fun for the kids...and that is why we have friends who have a farm and we can visit...and leave the animals there! haha :)
 Ugh...poop issues.  We have pretty much tackled pee stuff...but #2 is stubborn!  We were in trouble for pooping many poop balls in the pants's ok to let one poop ball slip by, but multiples...we should know better.  Loggy!
 Chores.  We now have to do them to earn screen time. D was not a fan.  It took him 3 hours to fold 20 towels. Or so it seemed.  Apparently time on the Ipad was not incentive enough.
 Still trying to talk us into a cat at dinnertime...the face looks sweet, but trust me it is very persistent! 
 We were in rare form while talking to Hays tonight.  Poor Hays. She could not get rid of us.  You think she could in NYC...but we keep bugging her!  All Lo wanted to do was lick D.
 He succeeded!
But D didn't put up a huge fight. They are fun brothers.  I actually think Lo is turning out to be a lot like Dylan (funny sense of humor)...though he has the spunk of his daddy in him too (case in point...he plugged a keychain into our outlet today and blew the fuse and our internet).  Sigh. No rest for this mama. 

Hallelujah it is almost Friday!

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Nancy Gritter said...

I think that kitty picked Shelby!! Isnt it time for another cat?? What fun it would be!!! :)
hahaha :) Maybe Sue Sue would take a couple to keep her TWO company! Spencer would LOVE it! Henry would have some little friends to play with if Spencer isnt interested! xo Nina