Friday, June 17, 2016

Our New Yorker's last day

 Today, our NYC girl officially completed one year of dancing at winter term is behind her.  To say time has flown is an understatement.  In many ways it seems like she has lived here for years...which essentially she has, since she has lived here for 4 summers and 1 "winter".  I'm pretty sure I never envisioned my firstborn living in NYC when she was born 16 years ago, but God has some pretty awesome plans and I love it when he opens doors and gives children the courage to follow.  She is following her dreams and no parent could be prouder of that. We miss her every day she is gone, but the smile above says it all. "She is where she should be!" :) And now in a week she will be living in Boston for the summer.  Her first summer away from home (IN) and away from her home away from home (NYC). A summer of change to go along with a year of change. And I know she will embrace that even more.
And in the midst of it being her last ballet day and saying goodbye to friends for the summer (many leave tomorrow...she will be almost alone in the dorms and moving to a new single room...and will officially be the last in the dorms when we pick her up on Wednesday)...she could have officially gotten her real driver's license today had she been home like most normal kids (in Indiana you get your license 3 months after your 16th bday). But alas, she cannot get hers til August.  Just more proof of the sacrifice she makes in cruisin' around town yet!  But her cardboard clone snuck her way in the van and tried to cruise around Bloomy today! :)

Love you, proud of you for your courage, your hard work, your trust in the Lord, and your willingness to try new things and accept changes.  One more big regent on Tuesday and you will officially have your first year of NYC public school under your belt! 

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Nancy Gritter said...

Oy my goodness! Look how beautiful you look Hailey!! And look at that VIEW out the window!! And that view in the room( the gorgeous dessert!!!) mmmm, that looks yummy!! Its hard to believe its been a year already at SAB!! I guess time flies when you are having fun AND working hard!! I know Boston will be equally fun and challenging! What a great summer spending it with your best friends and dancing too! Cant wait to see you at the airport in Tallahassee in afew weeks! Then let the real vacation begin!! :) Love you Hays and so proud of all you have accomplished and the young woman you have become! Pops and I could not be prouder! xoxo See ya soon!