Monday, June 20, 2016

PA, NYC, we come!

 Well, we are just about packed and ready to go for the big trip out East!  We got our non-touristy Statue hat (just to embarrass Hays!) and our tea to dump in Boston harbor (which I am sure won't embarrass Hays at all....but this is her first time there, so she will officially be a tourist when we go!) :)  And Sue Sue dropped by with a new big bag of lollis for Lo!  This time tomorrow we will be chillin' at Chickfila in PA with one of my bestest college buds, Cil and her cute lil' guy. I am hoping the boys hit it off, but ya' never know with 2 and 3 year olds :) haha :)  But I am really excited to see her. A decade has been too long! 
 And then it's off to NYC to get our lonely New Yorker!  Last regent (Chem!) is tomorrow. 
 I am going through old pics to clear out my phone so I am posting three pics of her...bc I miss this girl so much!  Last time I saw her she was just celebrating turning 16.  Now she is off to live and dance in a new big city.
And below is our humor for the night. I am sitting here doing Boston research and the kids are laughing their heads off at daddy and his "big ears". Apparently they have never seen big ol' earphones!  I think he's a cute mow-guy with them on.  LOL! It's the simple things that make us smile around here.  :) :)  Happy first official day of summer!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Beautiful pics of Hailey! Love the one of the kids! 😆💗 Have an awesome vacation! So great you are gong to see Priscilla! Say hello from me! Xo Mom