Wednesday, June 1, 2016


 Well, I know I have said I love summer...but I love it more when we really don't do anything or have to drive anywhere. Today I never even took the kids anywhere.  Nice!  I did have to venture out twice by myself, but it's wonderful to have a free babysitter at home (thanks, Shelb!) so I can at least escape to Kroger or the post office for a few minutes.  This week has been lovely staying at home more...I am almost glad we had the excuse of potty training!'s a run down of the last couple days via pics.  Today Lo was a rockstar on the potty....he totally rocked it going pee pee.  He didn't have one accident on the floor.  He did pee a tad bit in his undies a few times, but he caught himself and made it to the potty.  He's awesome!  I'm so proud of him!  Here's his first pee of the morn!  Success!
 Bfast---cheerios in a mini treasure chest.  His idea...he was excited! excited :)
 He peed a lot today...seemed like every 30 mins.  But he (and mama) tried to keep our humor about us :)
 I promise the kids didn't watch tv all day, but bc I had was dealing with a lot of stuff (Hailey issues at school with credit transfers and testing) and speech stuff for Lo...and GS stuff....and it, yes, they loafed around a lot today.  They loved eating lunch in front of the tv though :)  I don't know why but this is a big deal :)
 "Hailey potty" resurfaced...but I don't know if it was the anticipated event we thought it would be :) :(
 He warmed up to "Hailey potty" :)  We got him situated with his books and he was good!
 The new potty area in our bathroom.  We decided to add this in case he was upstairs and needed to go quickly and one of those potties were occupied.  He seems to like it.  It's got a whole new treat container and sticker chart!
 He's gotten very comfortable with his pants-less days.  Playing trains in undies. Every boy's dream!
 Another pee in the pot! And his thumbs up! :)
 Soccer got canceled due to rain, so we had milkshake (and popcorn) movie night!  Kids' idea!  Shelb was waitress :)
 Ready to watch the free library movie...I think it was Hotel Transylvania (1)
 Whoa...that is a LOT of stickers...mostly from today...he ran out of room under Wednesday so he added to other days :)
 Last potty of the night...and we found him scooting across the bathroom on the Hailey pot :)  Might not be the best potty to pee in, but it makes a good car!
New pull-ups...pirate ones (thanks, Kroger)!  If you pee on the x marks the spot you don't get a treasure in the morning! :) hee hee :)

and pics from yesterday....
 Picking out his treats for his potty rewards yesterday...gonna have to get more small treats though...kisses are a bit too big when you are going pee every 30 mins.  We ran out of skittles though...
 Hurray for treats! :) :) :)
 We were out and about a lot yesterday...too much maybe.  But wanted to cram it all in before potty training.  So we went to the library. A terrible day to go. I think all of Bloomington and their kids were there.  Ick. I hate crowds.  But we endured...and started the reading program there. 
 The library experience is different when your older siblings are there :)
 YAY for the olympic library program!  Shelb is actually doing the middle school program here...first one of our kids to do this. Hailey never bothered. She was off in NYC already when she was 12.  Gosh, that seems like forever ago. can tell how that went by the spawn of Kevin in the cart :)
 Fav. thing to do at the mall!  Only costs a penny :)
 I had forgotten about the Barnes and Noble reading program....but we happened to be right there and we got those papers too.  Score!
 Lo was especially happy about the Thomas table!
 Scooby movie afternoon...movies are our thing here in the Steg household :)
 D was pretty excited the new beyblade from Nina and Pops!  Love it!
 So impressed with Ash...did all the laundry by herself.  Thanks, Asher!
 Practicing for the intensive. She now has 3 weeks off so she has to really be proactive about practicing on her own.  I know it's hard, especially in summer.
 Seems like a boring pic...but there is a boy hidden in this pic...
 hahaha...he was playing his xylophone under there!  Cracks me up what he comes up with!
 We actually had a nice dinner together last night...outside.  Shelb is my organizer...set the table and made placecards. She reminds me of me :)
 Doesn't look as good at tasted....some of it was burned...but it was still yummy...anything other than pizza and hotdogs seems good lately :)
More movie time :) We let them stay up last night and put themselves to bed. 

Summer is nice, especially hangin' at home!

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