Thursday, June 30, 2016

The beauty and strength of a ballerina

Disclaimer: I am quite sure Hailey strongly dislikes all these photos.  It was pulling teeth to get her to do them for me, but this mother's heart needed a ballet fix of my girl after only seeing her dance one time this year on her birthday.  So she amused me (very begrudgingly), and let me take a few pics of her in Central Park last Wed. and in Boston on Thursday.  I know she is highly disapproving of pics of herself dancing. especially those taking by her mother who knows nothing about shooting ballet pics  But I did the best I could and she helped me out.  As much as she hated doing these, my heart was so happy to be able to capture her growth over the last year and the strength and wisdom she has gained at SAB.  Her beauty through this art amazes me.  Even those who know nothing about ballet, have to admire the stamina, strength and beauty behind this art.  
So, all that being said...thank you, Hays, for letting me catch a glimpse of the gift God has given you.
(above is her by the big Bethesda fountain in Central Park. I gravitate towards this fountain every year. It is beautiful by itself, but with a ballerina in front of it seems even more lovely)
 Love the architecture of the stairways here.  I know this wasn't her fav. pic, but it shows her long legs, arms and neck. 
 LOL!  I took multiple angles of this one, but I love the bird in this particular looks like Hays is casting it away!
 I laughed at this one bc you almost don't see her.  Until you see her shadow and look up a bit.  Plus she sorta looks like Cousin It :)
 Love.  So simple, but so pretty.
 My fav. I like silhouettes and this was a new area for us to try one.  But I love it. 
 I think one of the things I love most about Hailey (in regards to her dance) is her feet (not necessarily the smell and fungi-ism of them :)), but they are beautiful in pointe shoes.  This is God-given.  You have to gave good feet to dance (I never know this until recently)...good turn-out, high arches etc.  And apparently Stegs have this. 
 Beautiful architecture in CP!  Fun to photograph here.
 And in Boston....the ship ones are for Kev...he loves ships!  And the USS Cassin Young (Navy Warship) made a great backdrop.  She is getting ready to jump here, but I love that she looks like she is floating in air doing pointe. :)
 Such ballerina strength in front of a strong warship. 
 My fav. pic in Boston.  Love, love, love. (three things I love...our ballerina, water and the city backdrop)
 I got the USS Constitution in this one too.  Double ships for daddy!  Love it!
LOL...I caught Ash pushing Logan in the stroller in this one :)
And my fav. LOL-one! :)  The sisters always have to showcase their flexibility too. Ash actually has some, but Shelb has her mama's flexibility.  She's stickin' to violin. :)

My heart is happy seeing pictures of my girl doing what she loves....and I am so grateful she let me take a few snapshots of her life in her two new homes.  I think I have struggled more than I admit this year having her gone from home at such an early age. There is nothing I want more than for her to be fulfilling her dream, but it just means we miss seeing her for 3 years of her life that she would normally be home.  This is hard on a mother...and a family...and a daughter (though she wouldn't admit it I'm sure :)).  A few pics like this just tide me over for awhile...especially since I cannot return to Boston to see her dance in 4 weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Of course I LOVE every single picture of our sweet gal! You can see in the pics that she has grown and changed, becoming a stronger and and more eloquent dancer! Beautiful! Thanks Hays, for putting up with picture taking! I cherish any pics I see to get me thru to seeing you in person Hailey! Won't be long now! :) xo Nina