Sunday, June 12, 2016

The peace after the craziness

Thank goodness for calms after the storms of life...or peace after the craziness.  We needed a break after the last 6 days...and today was our Sunday day of rest.  Phew!  We had hoped to sleep in a bit, but nature was not our side. Our baby boy had his first BM in the toilet and he had to wake us up to tell us. I do agree with him...that is "waking up mom and dad worthy". We were so proud of him :)  He is officially a big boy now!  And I know one day he will appreciate that I posted a pic of him and his #2 in the pot! :)
 We were going to go to church, but Shelb ended up sleeping in (she needed it...she was sick most of yesterday with dehydration, we think) and we ended up going back to bed after the big potty poop.  We were awakened by yelling that Nina and Poppy were here. No idea they were coming when they did.  But it was ok.  They were picking up the kids for the next 24 hours so that is also "lack of sleep worthy" :) 
 And while I didn't sit around much today, I was able to do just do my chores in my own peace and leisurely time.  I did dishes, laundry, wrote thank yous and even baked...for no reason, but to do it.   I rarely do this. Some oatmeal cookies for my fav. guy.  Not sure I have ever made them or if they were that good...but it's good to try new things.  Happy Early Father's Day, Honey...might be the only thing I make in the next week.  I am attempting to vow to take a year off from making special things. I need a break.  I am suffering from creative burn-out.
 Our fancy date-night dinner...McDonald's!  I know, weird, but it sounded good to both of us. We might regret this in a week when we are on the road to NYC and Boston and only eating fast food.  But it was fast and it was food...and involved no cooking or dishes.  Good for me!  Plus we sat and watched a movie.  All good.  How is it that Kev looks well-rested after little sleep and I look like I haven't slept in weeks.
Glad to be able to spend the next 24 hours with this oatmeal-loving guy.  Tomorrow we start to tackle our box-full-of-unpacked-stuff-garage!   Night Night!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Have a wonderful day with no kids! I know you will feel great if you can tackle and get some organizing done ! Xo Mom:)