Thursday, June 16, 2016

This and that...and lots of fighting...

 I am glad this day is over. I felt I yelled a lot and it made no bit of difference.  No one listened and there was lots of fighting.  One of my goals for this summer is to have the kids work on their getting-along techniques.  This is not easy for them, especially since Hailey left...she was our peacemaker apparently.  But I thought that if they were around each other a lot, they would learn to do it!  We shall see....
D was happy this morn though....he has been begging for us to get out the air hockey table.  He played with it on and off all day. (and fought over it too, of course)
 It was library day.  I think I get this same shot every week...but they are always very intent on getting a certain number of points right when we get there so they can get their prize.
 A big boy is doing his computer question...a littler boy is doing a puzzle...
 He even mixes the pieces up now and does them the tough way...and he has totally dropped the train table...he never even touched it the last month we have gone to the library. Shocker!
 LOL...they almost look like they are mimicking each other aside from the usage of hands...we might have another Hailey on our hands (leftie Logan?)
 Another fight of the day...who gets to scan their books was rough.  Pushing in line, etc...
 Had to get a pic with the polar bear outside.  The boys really are happy...they just don't look like it :)  And the sweetest thing happened here. We were playing here and I could see this guy watching us.  I didn't think much of it, but he started to approach us.  I wasn't going to talk to him bc my meter was almost up, but he handed me a gift card and said he was in town doing random acts of kindness...from an out-of-town church.  So sweet.  He gave me a Chick-fila gift card too which is perfect...I might be meeting my old best bud, Cil, there next week in PA!
 Someone turned 37!  My old bro. We sent him a special Steg singing telegram...I'm sure it was the highlight of his day...haha :)
 More air hockey and fighting...
 Daddy and D had a special father son outing (Angry Birds movie!)...we had a nice lunch outside without them. Not sure these few wanted to eat outside, but a change of scenery is good sometimes! 
 Plus I was trying out the old umbrella..seeing if I still do want it.
 Things went further downhill...someone said no to me multiple times and was in my face growling and yelling.  Immediate timeout.
 He calmed down thanks to Shelb. She did dishes and he agreed to eat his bfast finally as long as Scooby watched from the counter :)
 I decided to pull out the triple slip-n-slide and put it on a hill this time.  He was so sweet and smiley and helpful :)  Love this kid!
 He got out all the little rafts for me.
 He was so excited :)
 Because of his helpfulness I let him have a popsicle.  My helper buddy.
 He was cracking up when I sprayed him with the sprinkler.
 We had to a sprinkler bc of the incline.  Slip-n-slides don't work well on hills (silly water won't go uphill!) but the kids loved it much more on the hill...they were sliding everywhere!
 LOL!  Slip-n-slides never fail for funny pics :)
 They had fun!

 Daddy forgot to take a pic at the theater but here's proof of their outing...all free thanks to coupons and gift cards!
 D got home just in time to join in! He loved his Angry Bird movie time with dad...I was glad he got that special time.  He sometimes gets overlooked for things/friend time, etc.  He loved eating popcorn and getting soda and candy and just hanging with dad. 
 He didn't really want to go outside...I talked him into it, but then found him inside playing air hockey against himself :)
 So I made snow cones with our Ninja to entice him out. It worked.  They loved them. 
 I think he had like 6 snowcones...he loves Koolaid.
 LOL...tried to take a pic of the girls, but D whizzed by at this time...check out his face! haha :)
 So cute from this side :)
 And this side was cracking us up!  He could not keep those swim trunks up!  Ash could not stop laughing!
 I looked out and saw Ash and Lo sitting side by side eating snow cute :)
 We also dug into the popsicles.  It was hot out!
 Bound to happen...had to go so badly...out it his defense no one could keep that much Koolaid in. :)  I was just glad he never pooped!
 Not sure what is going on here?
 They are sweet bros!
 All 4 at one time.  Craziness.
  A worm...Lo was fascinated.  We tried to give him water, but he wanted to be on our cement and he dried up later. Worms are not smart.
 Supposed to be working on some stuff and instead watching the ipad.  Not surprised...and sorta cute since they were actually getting along here.
 A daddy-less dinner since he had to work late.  But we had a nice chat about our behavior today...and how we need to do better.
 No idea why?
 Our pretty new wildflowers out back. We have a new kind this free flowers!
 Finally putting out the bunny food from Sue Sue. We couldn't put it out last week bc we put poison in the yard and didn't want bunnies eating that!
 We hope our bunny comes back!
 We put it all along our back lot line...his fav. place to eat. We love watching him and his mommy jumping in the grass behind here...but we haven't seen them in a week.
Our family pow-wow about our behavior and how to correct it tonight...once daddy got home.

This mama is worn...sick and tired.  Sometimes parenting is not easy or fun.

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!