Wednesday, June 22, 2016

We got our NYC girl and are almost to Boston

 Well, we are officially reunited with our fav NYC ballerina, and are an hour from her new east coast home!  I felt a little sad leaving The Big Apple knowing it's been our girl's summer home for the last 4 years, but will be no more (at least for now). But I think she is ready for a change of scenery and new challenges with Boston Ballet. And we are excited to tour a new (historical) city the next couple days. But we left NYC with a bang and spent the afternoon in Central Park after picking Hays up. Not sure Hays wanted to hang out there, but she amused her mama and let me take some ballet pics of her in the park amidst the tourists. I know, how embarrassing! 😳  But I treasure these yearly photos and love to see how she's grown and improved. Then we took the gang on the rowboats in the pond. After some initial boat collisions and arguments, I was pretty impressed with how the kids maneuvered.  And Shelby was a happy girl spotting many turtles in the green water. Plus we got to celebrate her belated bday with her oldest sis and magnolia bakery cupcakes as we turtle watched.  It was a quick jaunt in our fav city, but we made the best of it.  And tomorrow we explore the Freedom Trail. We'll see what Steg adventure that brings. I hope Boston is ready for our crazy fam!  It's fun having a dancing daughter who travels so much bc we can just tag along to all these fun places! 😉  Lucky us!!







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Nancy Gritter said...

Have an awesome time in Boston!!! Xo Nina