Sunday, July 31, 2016

Awesome St Joe day!

Well I had hoped to get some pics posted today but our day was just filled with other relaxing busyness!  It was the perfect day. We started at the beach, then to the pool, then to the hot tub, then a repeat of most of the same, plus some kayaking. We got some fish from shore in Jeff's net and the "old boys" went fishing in Jeff's boat, Kev even sorta caught a baby shark. 😁  And tonight Pops and Jeff went beach fishing and caught a 5 ft black tip that they reeled to shore. It was pretty cool and all the beach walkers were around to cheer them on as the sun set. I have a video and pics. Maybe tomorrow I'll get them on here. For now a storm is rolling in and bed is calling my name.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

My happy place!

We are here!  Yay for FL and yay for family and yay for vacation!  Pics to come when I get internet!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Ready for beach, sun and fun...and bye bye Boston!

Well, that time has come...time for our last summer hurrah down south with our awesome Gritz fam!  Tomorrow (in 5 hours to be exact) we head to the land of fun and sun and beaches in Port St. Joe, FL.  Cannot wait to be have some lazy beach days with the fam.
 I'll be honest...midday I was not sure we were gonna fit all this stuff in our vehicle (which is actually Kev's parent's vehicle...they are lending us their fancy Steg-mobile with DVD players and all the extra bells and whistles).  We will be traveling in style this time!  But, boy oh boy was this a different packing system this time.  Never had we had to plan out all our meals and have all our food.  But apparently the nearest store is like an hour away?  Or at least it's not close. We almost had to just leave the kids home to fit all this stuff!  And I am not sure we can fit Hailey on the way home! haha :)
 And my heart broke a little today to not see my girl in her final day at Boston Ballet. She was in two in-class performances and I hated to miss them.  But she had someone take some here's a couple. I hope I can at least see a video of dress rehearsal since no one was able to tape today.  I miss seeing her dance. A part of me was pretty down today having to go about my normal life and not be there in Boston watching her.  It's the first time we have never picked her up from an intensive too.  She flies out early tomorrow to Miami and then Tallahassee, where my parents will pick her up on the way to the panhandle.  Lucky them!  Though I think she might be sitting on their roof...they are pretty packed in their vehicle too!
But I am so proud of our oldest girl and all her hard work at Boston. I think it was an awesome experience for her.  Here's her with two of her classmates from Boston and SAB (one on the left was her roommate years ago for summer and the one on her right is her current roomie)

I think we can all agree, she (and all of us) now deserve a vacation!  FL, here we come!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Moving crew

Well, it was a simple-pic day...and a "help Sue-Sue day" who was moving!  YAY for her!
My helpers were Loggy and Asher!

 We were on kitty-transport.  It wasn't really a tough job (well, aside from catching one of them :))  Henry was curious, Spencer was not.
 LOL...I love Norman the Knight...he kept a close eye on the moving crew
 We succeeded in getting the boys to the new house...and we even got Henry smiling in this pic below :)
 She was so helpful with the kitties :)
 The kitties check out their new home for the first time.
 Ash tried to make their new home comfy with toys!
 Awww, sweet Spencer.  So cowardly, but so cute.
 Almost done moving in!  Norman is in his new spot in the corner!
 I know Sue Sue was tired, but she was a trooper! 
 We went back later on with all the kids...helped move a little more and played with the kitty (one bc we could not find the other one...Spencer is very elusive)
 LOL...Susie has a bin of cars for Loggy and he loved them and wanted to take them home, thus his grumpy face. 
So happy for Sue Sue and her new home and finally getting settled with her boys.  I know today was exhausting for her, but she is a trooper and the end is in sight!
 And tonight we are gearing up for our trip to the FL panhandle...supposed to be packing, but this is how I found the boys...
 And daddy and the kids later on....not sure how much packing is going on!
Cannot wait til 2 days from now when we are there.  Worn.

Also updated Mondays post

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy 41st to my Babe!

Well, it was quite the memorable bday for my man. Ok, not really.  And I am not going into all the details, bc he is timing me to do this blog in 5 mins. :) But here he is with his burnt muffins I made him.  Baking at 1am is not a good idea.  Poor guy tried to sleep in for once, but apparently people think it's a good idea to text someone at 7am.  Nice.
 Dinner...trying to save money, so we had Texas Roadhouse at home.  Not too shabby.
A family party...sorta...Boston girl included!
 Gifts...not much, but the kids were happy to give their daddy goodies.
 Three cakes...lucky dad.  One was melting, one was old and one had no frosting.  All the best for the hubs/dad!
 I've known him for 20 years of his 41...but I love him to death.
haha...we've come a long way in those two decades that I've known and loved him.

Happy Bday to the best man I have ever lucky am I that I get to spend every day with him.  I am quite certain it was not his best bday today, but we did our best to make it special with lack of time and energy and sleep.  Love you, Babe!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A fair night and our two awesome bakers (and a grand champion!)

No pics again bc we just got home from the fair and are up making more cake pops...this time for a surprise baby shower tomorrow. Need life to slow down...

Monday, July 25, 2016

Friends, fair, fun

More of the same, more mama-tiredness. Will post pics later.

 Finally updating a bit...a few pics of our busy Monday...We dropped off our fair food...both girls were excited to show off their hard work.  And we got to see the results of all 5 kids' art.  Loggy got an honor (higher than a 1st place!) for his pirate ship dot painting (he was obviously excited....haha not!)...Shelby got a 1st place for her Parisian AG doll dress and her knitted head wrap (she was mad though bc their put Ashley's name on her AG dress).  Ugh.  Dylan got a 1st place for his Lego car.  Ashley got two firsts for her two bracelets (beaded and duct tape)...and Hays got a 2nd in the adult division for her Loggy photo.  YAY!  All kids did great.  And then the friend time began again...Ash her her "farm friend" over for a few hours to thankfully didn't rain, so we pulled out the slide again. Shelb had core group Bible study...and Dylan finally had his best friend over...AND had a sleepover.  He had been looking forward to this for awhile.  He rarely gets sleepovers, so it was a big deal.  And he has been the only one of the kids to have a sleepover at our house this summer.  A busy day as normal