Saturday, July 9, 2016

A beautiful day, but we stayed indoors in pjs and mama some fireworks!

 A few pics of the day...will add more tomorrow.  I felt sorta guilty today.  It was so nice out, but I just had no energy and Kev worked all day and most of the I just let the kids play indoors. And they actually did not complain. They played pet-shop most of the day, did chores and we finally ventured out back to play badmitten in our pj's.  If daddy hadn't come home early, we might not have even gone to fireworks...bc the kids didn't want to leave the house. But we went and we had fun.  It's so nice being near the trail bc we hopped on it and walked over and avoided the post-fireworks traffic.  Loggy was scared of the noise and he fell asleep on the way home in the wagon, but it was still fun.  Just exhausted now that it's after midnight. It was definitely a lazy day. I laid down twice and both times fell asleep...once while reading to Loggy. I have got to catch up on sleep one of these days!


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