Monday, July 11, 2016

A double pool day equals double exhaustion

 First off, a pic of our fav. Bostonian and her roomie...getting their 7-11 free Slurpees for 7-Eleven's 50th bash today.  Nice. Wish we had those in Bloomy!
 This was our morning. None of us wanted to wake up.  Probably should have been a warning sign that going to two pools was not the best idea.
 He got his prize for keeping his actigraph wristband on.  But he tooted before he opened it.  It surprised him :) :)
 Dylan was more excited about the toy than Lo.
 Sweetness eating his donut with the sun shining down on him.
 And singing his fav. song while waiting for XC to finish!  ("God is on the move, on the move, hallelujah!" :))
 A long, hard run today at cross-country practice.  She's doing great and lovin' it!
 Pool time our friend's pool.  Normally we would not do two pool dates in one day, but this was our reschedule from our rainy last Friday...and I couldn't cancel on our other friends either. So, we are the crazies that pool hop on a sleepy Monday.  I only snapped a couple pics, but I caught D and S in the middle of a pool tiff.  Nice.  And my sweet Lo on his own in the corner...independent cutie..
 Chillin' on the gator!  Ash and two of her besties.  I think poor Leighton didn't know I was taking her pic with those funny goggles on :)
 And we raced to meet other friends at Mills Pool. It's our other city pool, but I like it better than Bryan Park.  Of course the moment we got there two big buses of campers were getting there.  Just our luck.  But it was still not that packed.  Can you spot D and his friend and Lo? (to the left)  I think the girls might be in the pic too?
 And the best thing about this pool is they have free slides!  At the other pool you pay for most of them.  Nice form look like you have no lower legs!
 Awww, I caught big bro helping little bro down the slide.  Buds!
 Lo loved playing with the boys...and our friend's boy is so good with little kids.  Lo thought he was cool :)
 Lots of dive toy fun going on! 
 Awww, even Shelb joined in the sliding fun. It is a fun slide. I did it too!
 Most of the gang chillin' together, minus D who was off somewhere...
 Ash and her fancy dive :)
 Go D!
 LOL, Loggy!...It was adult swim time (no kids in the pool), so we snacked.
 And then it happened....I was taking to Hailey's sweet Kinder teacher in the pool and all of sudden looked over and there was a floater....going on by in the pool....and then further down, more floaters....(the pic of above shows it by Lo, but thankfully he didn't touch it....and more was not his!)
 Guilty??  I said Shelb might have done it...let a couple floaters slip on out :) She denied it!
 They closed down the pool...and it was a biohazard area. I had to take a pic bc these poor lifeguard kids had to dig it out and were gagging and not enjoying their "duty" (haha :))
 Waiting for the poop to clear...but it ended up taking 30 mins and we could not wait....we had violin.  Bummer
 Poor Lo...he wanted to play more in the kid area...he loved this water wheel thing.  But food was calling his name so he was ok saying goodbye to the pool.
 Not sure what he was saying...maybe "Ewww, poopy pool!"
 Almost everyone fell asleep on the way to violin.  Don't know how Shelb played violin for over 2 hours after a full day of double-pool day.  You know I am not a pool person, but it is good for wearing out kids!
And IU visited us tonight for our bedtime routine. He went to bed fairly peacefully!  And now I am off to bed too!

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