Thursday, July 21, 2016

A "fair baking day" with a friend, almost ready for violin performance and more garage work!

 Well, another busy day in Steg-land.  It was test-baking day for the fair (actually day 1 of this...tomorrow is day 2...oh joy).  So off to Kroger-land we went early in the a.m.  I am not big on shopping when I could be sleeping...neither is Lo, but he got lucky and had a cookie for bfast.  That helped.
 Not often lately that they play w/o fighting...or that you find D playing Barbies :)  hee hee :) 
 Lo was nicely lining up squinkies and shopkins. He likes things in order (well, sometimes)
 Shelb has been begging to have Morgan over. She is the one friend we have seen the most this summer...but her and Shelb are two peas in a pod...they seem to like the same things and are both very sweet and thankful and kind girls.  Such a blessing to find a friend like that. Not that any of Shelb's friend are not like this, but I really do think Morgan is a lot like her.  And not many (any?) friends do Shelby's chores with her.  Morgan is a keeper!
 Plus Loggy really likes her...she was chasing him...and he loved it.  If Lo likes a friend, you know it's a good friend :)
 Lunch.  Not as fancy as I had hoped...but it was ok.  Homemade pizza and fruit...and I forgot to make salad and the mac n cheese wasn't ready yet.  I am tired.  Food goes by the wayside when I am tired.  But the girls helped and were happy with it.
 They baked up a storm.  Morgan was so sweet to help with trying some recipes for the fair (food is due on Monday).  Shelb already knows what she really wants to make (which will be made tomorrow), but she wanted to try some other things too.  So the girls picked out two things and off they went baking!
 They were so funny...nothing like good cookie dough!
 LOL!  Some fell on the floor...hence Shelb's face of surprise!
 Proof of the spill. Honestly I make more of a mess making a cake than they did making cookies and cookie bars.  Dark floors are bad for baking...or maybe good bc you know when you make a hiding it!
 Genius idea of daddy's last weekend.  We were going to get rid of these bins and the new bags of sand. Instead I wanted to make a sandbox in the backyard. Daddy came up with this.  Lo was intrigued!
 And we turned it into a water/sand area. Who needs a store-bought water-sand table when you can make your own out of garage clutter!
 During baking times the girls played Apples to Apples with Dylan.  As an afterthought I should have had Morgan's sibs over to play with Ash and Dyl. They were both in their classes last year.  Oh well.  D amused himself all day and he has a friend coming over next week.
 YAY!  Finally got the trucks from Sue Sue out to play in the sand.  He loved loading up the dump truck with dirt!
 Crazy kid!
 Not sure what was going on here?  Look of dismay on Shelby...I think they were running out of time (we had to go to violin) and Shelb was bummed...she wanted more friend-time.
 The finished products...snickerdoodles and choc. chip cookie bars with and without frosting and sprinkles.  All yummy.
 Then off to violin...I let these two run by the creek for a few minutes...they seemed so sweet together...
 Til Lo stops to pick a winner.  Typical of him lately. He likes to eat his boogers and is not at all afraid to do it in public and make it obvious.  I hope preschool peer pressure stops this!
 Last violin class of the intensive. Sorta sad.  This intensive has been so good for Shelb and her 15 classmates are all so great and talented and love her teachers and pianist too.  Can't wait for the concert Saturday!
 Reading the sweet note in the mail from Nina and Pops in FL telling her how proud they are of her violin-ing and her concert on Saturday.
 More sand/water table fun.. we had to add a jeep or two and a road.
 He spent hours out here today.
 And this is what was going on tonight...and is still going on at midnight. Kev and his sweet dad making ceiling storage in our garage for sleeping bags, sleds, etc.  Hope it's done soon. This decluttering seems never-ending.
 I ran out of time today to have Ash work on her fair food item. So tonight we attempted it.  It wasn't as easy as I thought and I am pretty good at cake pops.  But she wanted so desperately to do these.  We did a few and the rest were fails!
 Cute little pandas...but not what we envisioned. We might have to change our game plan for Monday.
 She's a pretty crafty girl though and might be my cake pop protege!
 So pretty out tonight. 
 Running/biking with my girl...boy we both look tired....
Love that typical Shelby look!
Oh and our Boston girl yesterday showing off her two free SB drinks (for Shelby) :)  9 days and we get to see her!  YAY!

Now off to bed....tomorrow I have 4 extras coming over. Don't ask what I was thinking.  I cannot wait to be packing for FL next week and off to sunshine and beach!  That is what is getting me through now!

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