Wednesday, July 6, 2016

An early morning run, an IU study, a colon prep, a turtle search and an amazing violin performance!

updating pics this Saturday...will add commentary later :)




I am just too dysfunctional at 11pm to blog these days, but tomorrow I will post pics. A very unnexciting day, but again seemed full. Shelb started cross country and somehow in the process I locked myself out of the van with poor Loggy in my arms with no shoes. Stellar mom moment. Poor Kev was trying to sleep in and had to come rescue us. But Shelb had fun running with the team. Came home to absolute downpour. Logan and I started our IU actigraph study. We love our fancy bracelets!  We even took a nap on this overcast day. I wasn't feeling well...probably sympathy pains for poor Kev and his colon prep. 😳  But we did all go on a fun midday turtle hunt. No luck though. And Shelby and I finished up our day by seeing Joshua Bell at the MAC. Amazing music from a guy who started out playing where Shelb is now. Inspiring!!

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