Saturday, July 23, 2016

An exceptional violin day!

 Well, I am only posting a few pics bc I am in desperate need of sleep...but I must say our violinist was exceptional today--a very special day for sure.  She has crossed the line in violin-ing into making very beautiful music.  Not that she didn't before, but this intensive has proved to us that she can work very hard when she wants to and can rise to the challenges.  I am not even sure how much music she memorized and how many hours she put into these last 4 weeks (I should figure that out!), but it was a blessing to be able to watch her use her talents and to have fun in the process. So very proud of our girl and how her hard work paid off for a beautiful performance today. It was very fun to watch and I could tell she was having a good time on the stage.  She didn't seem nervous at all and she actually was smiling and moving to the music. It was like it was flowing through her.  Cool!'s a few pics and hopefully I can post more tomorrow.  Here she is before the concert. Ready to go!
 Can you spot her playing my fav song...6.5 mins of music...all memorized!  Tartini
 They even got to sit in the coveted VV (advanced student) spaces in the back. They were the most advanced students in this concert. 
 Pretty girl with pretty flowers :)
 Celebration at Dairy Queen!  So glad Nina and Poppy and Sue Sue were there to share in the special day too!
 We had Nina and Poppy over for a belated Father's Day dinner, and they blessed us with going through old papers for Kev.  Nina apparently loves to do this. 
We enjoyed Shelb's special "fair cake" for dessert. Yumm!

A special day for sure!

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