Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A rough day for Loggy...fair stuff...and a tired mama

This will be short n sweet...this day was rough and this mama is about to lose it. 
I think no one wanted to get up this morning...namely Shelb...but she did and she ran XC all around by our old house and Sue Sue's.  She was up and moving by 7am!  Go runner Shelb!
Getting rid of more stuff...our new motto...this time paper and magazines to the recycle bin at the school behind our house.
Then Lo and I were off to IU to finish up his study...with an EEG.  I had a feeling it might go bad this time.  He was calm at the point this pic was taken, but then he started beating the bear and almost the lab tech too. He was tired and the day after being at Nina and Poppy's is always a rough adjustment. 
I seriously almost took him and left. He was yelling at them and screaming and I could not blame him.  Who wants that on their head?  Not even Thomas on the tv was distracting enough.
He finally calmed down while I held his hand. Last time he did this I could actually leave the room. Wasn't happening today.
He did pretty good with the fish/shark game...but if we told him he was doing a good job he would yell at us.  Nice.
He did not want his pic taken.
He was tugging at things he should not.  The lab tech was nervous as you can tell by her hands :)
Best pic I could get. But he made it through...good job, buddy.  I cannot blame him at all for being mad. He had that water solution dripping all over him and he was not supposed to move.  Really? A three year old cannot move for 15 mins?? Not sure it was worth $25 this time.
He took his candy and ran!  It was the only way he made it thru that agonizing adventure.
Sweet crazy haired boy and his smarties.
We celebrated by going to Walmart and Sams and scanning stuff!
Scan Pro!
When we came home the sibs had made their own creations for the county fair...this one was for me and was sitting on my pillow to surprise me...a duct tape bracelet from Ash! Love it!
What in the world?  This was due today at 7pm and she started it at 11am...crazy girl!
She was telling me she was going to get it prob...and practice her violin...I should have known better.
Loved the Paris material from my friend, cute and Shelb was excited to finally get to use it!
Happy with his new reward from airplane with a mouth that opens!  Nice!
Lo's fair project...who knew 3 year olds could enter into the fair!
Sewing, sorting and playing...watching the new TV in the loft.
Still sorting, sewing  and playing...and one reading...
Pee in pants...hasn't done this but one other time in his potty training time.  Ugh. He was bummed. Mama was too.
Snack time, but still more of the same.  Might look like a mess, but Ash was sorting Barbie stuff...and got rid of half of it. I was proud of her.
Our fair entries...all 7 of them from 5 kids!
Hays even entered for the first time...she didn't know she was entering it, but her mama took it upon herself to enter this darling pic she took of Logan in Boston across from Paul Revere's House. I love it!  I don't expect it to win something bc I think it's hard to win in the adult photography area, but I don't do it for that...I love photography and Hays is pretty good at it!
At the fairgrounds...Shelb with her Parisian pencil dress for her AG doll...she wanted to make a skirt for herself, but we just ran out of time. And she made me the knitted head wrap, but I thought it was good enough to enter!
D's lego creation...a police car...he didn't want to do it, but I talked him into it.  He's not a crafter.
Ashley's jewelry...duct tape bracelet...and a Monroe County Fair beaded bracelet :)
Lo's dotted pirate map!
Lo was in rare form here...he broke Dylan's lego car...which was almost a teary-event, but D rebuilt it.  Here we are signing in our stuff in the Children's area...
All done!  Lo would not do any pics...he was done, done, done!
Filling out our forms...
And what's wrong with this pic???  Hint...see potty.  Thankfully Ash told me.  Lo has been peeing in the Hailey potty that I had in the loft with our piles of stuff and was going to get rid of.  I am glad she told me!  Grrr. Lo!  Crazy kid.

Mama is tired, so tired. Could have used a day or two more of kid-less peace to get stuff done.  Oh well.  Life goes on...clutter returns...can't say life is ever dull :) 

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!