Sunday, July 17, 2016

Day 2 of "stuff stress" and National Ice Cream Day!

Needing some destressing time so will post tomorrow. Tired of stuff.  Tired in general. Ready for the declutter fairy to visit. Maybe she will visit while I slumber. A girl can hope...
 Well, I will just be a day behind on all these pics...story of my life.  Here are the pics (from yesterday).  I was reminded what an organized bride I was when I found my file box with all my wedding stuff!  I think that might have been the last time I was organized. :)  But on a happier note, I found all these goodies at the bottom of the file box.  Check out my wedding ballet slippers! Those things are awesome!  I think I might be wearing them around town.  And found the engagement rings Kev gave me from gumball machines...haha...will never forget me teasing him about never proposing to me and that I would just take a ring out of a machine, so when he proposed to me at Olive Garden, he gave me a bunch of these rings one after another...and one with my real ring in it. Clever.  Also found all my wedding "take aways".  I even have seeds from the pots we made...but I heard they never grew the first time...I should try them now almost 18 years later.  And we have like 100 napkins from my wedding shower...might need to have an anniversary party in a couple years and use them! haha :)
 I had to try these bad boys on.  They still fit. I really wasn't sure they would after 5 kids and lots of "kankles".  I think I need a hot date to wear these things on!
 I do not remember them being so pointy...and they really are not as comfortable as I remember...
But I had to wear them for I sat and went through my honeymoon memories.  Oh sweet I wish I was there enjoying your all-inclusive resort.  Jamaica rocked, especially with my hubbs and sounds way better than garage-cleaning.
 Here's what Kev was working on while I was walking down wedding memory lane :)  Our 3rd car garage...he took apart the temp shelf from our last house...
 And refurbished it....
 Look at him working hard in the hot sun...
 I felt like I just putzed around...I tackling the hanging cart of junk....more pics of that later.
 Still working in the hot sun hours sunscreen on...he paid for that later. :(
 I took the easy route of working in the a/c...and tackling our living room closet. Yes, that is a disaster.  I am slightly embarrassed.  But this is what happens when you have too many parties and holidays and they wear you out and you don't put stuff away gets shoved in a spot. This was the spot.  In my defense, I used to put this stuff in a basement, but we don't have one and all this stuff goes in the garage and I can't get to the proper place. Ugh.  Need to try to fix this for next year. much stuff spilled out of here. It took me half the day to get stuff to the proper place.  I never took an after pic bc there is nothing left in there!  Need to make it a book area and craft area, but Kev has no time to help me now.
 The new shelf!
 He did good using recycled materials and making it as affordable as we could
 Admiring his handiwork.
 A funny thing to do on garage day, but I had an old bird feeder and a post to put it on, but was wary about putting it out. The last time we had bird feeder, it decapitated two birds.  Awful. It has taken us a long time to get back to this point.  I was not crazy about it way out in our back he moved it.  I will post a pic tomorrow where it is now.  But birds were eating off it today!
 I tackled this too....but didn't finish til today.  More holiday stuff upstairs in the laundry room. Ugh. Problem.
 Finished shelf packed with stuff....too much stuff, but still looks ok.  Kev did good on the shelf!
 He's such a hard worker!
 Our dinner...might not seem gourmet, but after eggs and grilled cheese for two days, it was!  Plus their cheesy bread is the bomb...and it was a cheap dinner!
 Happy National Ice Cream Day!  We wanted to go to Cold Stone, but alas all ours are gone, and we didn't want to take time to go out to ice cream, so I hustled to Kroger and got some Ben and Jerry's. Yumm!  We deserved it after a day of working hard!
 One of Kev's fav. pieces of art.  He was going to get rid of it, but I told him to hang it on the fridge.  It is fitting given we felt like we wanted to "scream" yesterday...and most days for that matter :)
 We cleared out Christmas from the entryway!  And this sweet guy just keeps on moving stuff so I could feel better about the garage.
 Somewhat better?
 Better...though bikes need to go in here...
 Still a work in progress...but getting there.
 Bye bye Nina's old violin case.  It did Nina good when she needed it.  But the violin is the most imp. thing and it gets used every day!
 View from our back garage door.
 View near back garage door...we finally have our deep freeze where we want it and it's working. Now I can shop at Sam's more! 

A very productive day for Kev...but I felt like I shuffled stuff around. I just don't know how people do this...especially those who move a lot.  But I do keep reminding myself that we have not had all our stuff in our home since probably since 2004...and we had a basement then.  Totally different ball game 12 years and 4 more kids later.  We have to be ok with the small progress we make every day.\
Someone got Cold Stone! Lucky girl!  Happy National Ice Cream day to our Boston girl....but what is up with her CS?  They ran out of Snickers!

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Nancy Gritter said...

I am totally IMPRESSED with what you have achieved!!! Kevins handiwork( great shelf!!) is awesome and the garage is looking terrific!! Even if you saved too much at least its all contained and up off the floor!! And the fact that you got that closet in the living room and the upstairs laundryroom done is GREAT!!!And the floor freezer is up and running! YIPPEE!! Now when do you tackle that huge master closet??? Thats looks daunting!! Keep up the good work!! Love Ya, Mom