Monday, July 18, 2016

Day 3 declutter, rain, no garage work, but some progress inside :)

Well, a day late, but here are the pics of our rainy day of inside productivity.
 I got distracted.  I have been wanting to clean my part of the bathroom cabinet for months.  I started yesterday, but never finished. I felt like the day had a lot of this....getting nothing completely done.  I have no idea why my bathroom cabinets get so cluttered.  Ugh. I really am not that messy of a person.
 We slept in thanks to the rainy day...and then we headed to Sue Sue's to drop off the filing cabinet we had for her.  I was checking out the playhouse and noticed an addition. Can you spot her?
 Awww, cute girl. 
 She was very happy to come and talk to me.
 Her sister came out to say hi too. They like Susie's yard...they are her backyard neighbors.  I think this is Simone. I cannot remember the other's name now.
 1st birds at our feeder...right outside our sunroom!  Yay, for birdies!  We'll see if they continue to feed once Loggy is home :)
 Probably not what he wanted to do, but he obliged me...I like to move furniture around (or rather, I like to have my hubby move it for me :)) Why do women do this?  Don't want our guys getting bored! :)  He was scratching his head for me. :)
Found Roxy under our bed...wondered where she was!  She likes to hide and take naps.
 Shelb was home before we knew it.  Had to be back for violin intensive!
 Started the laundry room.  Didn't finish, but it looks better than when I had Christmas and Easter stuff still up here a couple days ago. :)

 Awww, found this in a picture frame.  Almost 18 years ago all our friends and family signed it.  A great day...the beginning of fairy tale for me...and decluttering is part of "livin' the dream"! :)
 Our room!  Love it!
 So happy with it this way.  Kev is not a fan, but I really like it better.  I still have to hang stuff on the walls and put up curtains and stain our hope chest...but otherwise I love it!
 Master closet always a mess...especially since it's our office and craft area too. Ugh. 
 But had to get it cleaned up to get our filing cabinet in...and our tv out...will post a pic tomorrow...
 LOL! Found this on the closet floor. My graduation prophecy thing written during high school.  Pretty close predictions...Indiana is close to CA and Kev is just way better than Brad. :)
 Awww, found this too...our first home info...under $70,000 for our first home...and only 813 sq. feet.  But we loved that house!  Perfect for newlyweds and perfect for to bring our first baby home to (and two kittens :))
 Shelb had her solo again yesterday. She did awesome! food of the week :)
 One way to eat sesame chix with chopsticks...impale it!
 What crazy person leaves cut toenail clippings in the tub?  Nastiness!
 Ewww...moldy starfish :(
 Bummed about a couple ruined starfish.  I guess they cannot be in a box for 1.5 years :(  Thankfully some survived.
 Had to get out for a run since she didn't do much of that at Nina and Poppy's!  Her warm-up!
 I rode and cheered her on...she looks happy!
 No turtles, but we found a frog...can you spot him?
 She is easily amused like her father...swinging grass reeds around like a lasso.
 Then she tucked that reed in her pants and pretended she had a tail and ran with it.  Crazy kid!
 Our late night activity...Kev was obviously perplexed.
Trying to fix our storage problem in the loft...and Shelb is planning a surprise baby shower.  More pics tomorrow of the loft, but again, another unfinished product...we started too many things we could not finish.
And a pic from Nina of some of the kids watching a movie. They are always mesmerized by movies and popcorn!

Not the most productive day, but we still dug in inside and got some things done...and it was sorta nice to not have to stare our garage clutter in the face...tired of that!  It feels hopeless out there.  Trying to keep our heads up...

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