Sunday, July 3, 2016


 Well, I think my blogging days are coming to a quick close. I need a break from all things, so my posts may be sporadic at best. I am absolutely drained.  I would have loved to just nap this whole weekend away, but it seems we cannot catch a break to rest.  Frustrating.  It was even the perfect rainy day and I actually fell asleep in bed trying to look up recipes.  Sleep sounded much better than food know me!  But I had to get myself up and get my act together.  I feel like we can never just do nothing...5 kids and a busy life does not allow it.  But it is burning me to the ground so after tomorrow, things are a-changing....I might even be putting my phone in a box during the day (texting is taking it out of is so not my thing)...I am worn.  I want a complete break from the "noise" of life.  But this is a post for another day.
Here's a few pics to pass the time...a few of Hays too.  Enjoying her sunny weather in Boston, while we had torrential downpour (and all 4th activities tonight were canceled for us...cannot say I was bummed at all!).  Glad our Bostonian is enjoying nice weather...soaking up some much-needed sun and swimming in her rooftop pool.
 Showing off her shark-week Cold Stone dessert for daddy...lucky girls has a Cold Stone right by her apt!
 Fun!  Glow swings in Boston.  Didn't know these existed, but they look cool.  Her and her roomie, Claire.
 SAB girls/mostly roomies chillin' on the swing last night.
 Her first day at the pool last week...glad it finally opened!  I am having to take pics of her pics bc they are snapchat thus, bad quality, but still a cute pic of the bathing beauties.
 Lucky girl...nice weather and a pool!  Her ballet feet don't even look that bad by it :)
 This was our blah day....half was spent at church.  I usually love this, but when one is running on empty, it's just "one more thing to do".  Can you spot D?  He helped with the 4th of July activity of giving military men and women cards and lifesavers.
 He happened to walk right past us in the balcony and never saw us...he was on a mission.
 We helped at church today in Lo's area...those crazy 3's. They loved playing duck, duck goose for the lesson.
 Lo had some anger issues all day...starting at church...he took some of his anger out on blocks.
 I got a little snuggle time with my baby...and I fell asleep shortly after. But not long enough. I cannot do 5min power naps.  They leave me powerless.
 While I was looking up recipes and resting, Shelb did all the dishes by herself...her reward was making her own SB drink with our Keurig.  I guess the drink she made was pretty bad.  We didn't witness it...Kev and I were off shopping.  Also, not my fav. thing to do on a tired day.
 The boys were in rare form at dinner, but I will take that to how the girls were...the girls fought over Sprite and then got their drink taken away, while the boys just sipped it up and enjoyed it along with their pizza and breadsticks. So tired of bad manners and fighting kids. I know it's part of summer, but I am not standing for it anymore.
 My attempt at a homemade ice cream sandwich.  Not sure what D and S were doing?
 They were pretty good actually...not pretty, but yummy.Daddy had to have his separate bc he cannot have red dye this week...poor guy.  The kids liked their treats. 
Ash enjoying her melty dessert :)
 More mess in the kitchen.  I was making patriotic dirt cake and Shelb had her own patriotic ideas...and daddy was along for the ride. Lo was snatching my phone.
 I thought he might help me, but instead he took my phone and got right on his fav. motorcycle game...and drained my battery so it died while we facetimed Hays. Thanks, Lo.  Then he pointed out I forgot sprinkles in the corner....but, again, daddy cannot have red dye due to his fun GI procedure this week.  So I have to make parts of everything dye-less for him.
A blah fireworks and no big church get-together like planned....and tomorrow it looks like we'll be walking in the parade in rain.

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