Monday, July 25, 2016

Friends, fair, fun

More of the same, more mama-tiredness. Will post pics later.

 Finally updating a bit...a few pics of our busy Monday...We dropped off our fair food...both girls were excited to show off their hard work.  And we got to see the results of all 5 kids' art.  Loggy got an honor (higher than a 1st place!) for his pirate ship dot painting (he was obviously excited....haha not!)...Shelby got a 1st place for her Parisian AG doll dress and her knitted head wrap (she was mad though bc their put Ashley's name on her AG dress).  Ugh.  Dylan got a 1st place for his Lego car.  Ashley got two firsts for her two bracelets (beaded and duct tape)...and Hays got a 2nd in the adult division for her Loggy photo.  YAY!  All kids did great.  And then the friend time began again...Ash her her "farm friend" over for a few hours to thankfully didn't rain, so we pulled out the slide again. Shelb had core group Bible study...and Dylan finally had his best friend over...AND had a sleepover.  He had been looking forward to this for awhile.  He rarely gets sleepovers, so it was a big deal.  And he has been the only one of the kids to have a sleepover at our house this summer.  A busy day as normal


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