Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Game Day and other stuff

 Well, my poor laptop is probably on its last leg, so I can only post wordless pics again before it overheats.  Sigh.  But it was a stay-at-home (mostly) day, which we needed....XC for Shelb in the early am (bless her for being able to get up early...all other sports get to sleep in!)....and then Lo and I had to go finish up our actigraph study at IU.  He was a trooper.  And we decided to make it "game day" at the Steg house. It was soooo muggy outside and just too humid to be outside (Indiana can get stifling in July and August...miserable...I almost prefer FL to it bc at least you get some ocean breezes there!) we dug into the good ol' games of Operation and Monopoly. Of course, Monopoly is still on hold til tomorrow (longest game created!)...and Shelb had some awesome violining.  And we are running solo here as daddy works late again...getting tired of being w/o him, but it will be worth it when he gets to take off part of next week and the kids go to Nina and Poppy's so we can get some unpacking done!

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