Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hanging out at home, a boy train-day, and enjoying the outdoors

I am feeling so blah these days.  I think going to bed at midnight and 1am (and having to get up early) is catching up with me.  So in an effort to get back on track, these posts might not have commentary.  But isn't it fun to guess what the pics mean?  Ok, prob. not, but I'll do the best I can. It was an ok Sunday.  I prefer Sundays where we are all home, but this was the next best thing.  Kev took D and his dad to the National Railroad Convection in Indy.  It was awesome apparently.  They got free tickets from one of our friends in FL who goes to my old FLCRC church there. Such a nice guy to go out of his way to get 3 free tix for the boys to go. Kev's dad is a train hobbier so I am sure he gained a lot from this...but even Kev and D thought it was cool.  Poor Lo was a little bummed he couldn't go when he saw the Thomas stuff, but he had fun at home with me, and the boys didn't have to hassle with a bored 3 year old at the train show.  D also liked the Lego train area...and what he really loved most was riding a mini train with daddy. We are trying to download a pic, but it is in a video and not working. It's pretty funny.  He also made his own mountain with trees at the show...very cool.  I think he might give it to Poppy Stegs to put on his train table.  I just chilled with the girls and Lo...we had some indoor fun in tents...and the girls played pet shop/vets.  We had a friend over who's brother just had surgery and she fit right in...there was a little drama over some water...but drama is norm over here in Steg-land :)  Lo had a good day...he was on his best behavior...he played in the pool by himself (and tooted in it too!) and he played Play-doh almost all afternoon.  We made a plate-ful of playdoh creations, which all turned out to look like piles of poop.  Seems like poop is always a subject in the Steg home :) :)  We also caught some dragonflies and ate some snowcones.  And daddy ran out of time to work today so he is home and going to bed with me. This is a bonus.  But just means he will have to work some nights later in the week (bummer). But the train show was worth it :)

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