Sunday, July 24, 2016

Happy Sunday, moving help and, yes, more fair baking!

 It was a full Sunday. Wasn't intended to be that way, but it should not surprise me that it ended up that way. We actually slept in this morning...not enough, but more than we intended. We didn't go to church for 2 hours as planned....but did make it there to help out in Lo's room.  He was happy....though not with the one piece on the train table that is nailed down and messes with the track!  Then it was off to help Sue Sue get some of her moving done.  Wish we could have helped her more. She seems organized and ready for her big move-in day this week.  It was awfully humid today....awful.  Kev almost looks passed out in the new hammock.  Not quite sure that is the way to use one, but Kev is not of normal sorts :)  And it was more and more and more baking.  Still working on it actually...waiting for the 4th angel food to come out of the pan.  Nice. Ash did finish her cute lil' animal cake pops...but we will see how they look in the morning to decide if she sends in pigs or pandas or both...but they were cracking as we were deciding earlier.  Oh the fun of baking! And Shelby learned to use a real mixer today and figured out that it makes better angel food cakes.  But we burned one and then had to go get more eggs and thus the late night baking. Always something!  I will take a pic later to show you all three angel food cakes and her final selection.  Fair food due tomorrow morn! 

All to decide which two get entered...I think the one looks like a pound cake, so probably too dense for angel food...we'll see what she says in the a.m.! Now off to bed...finally!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Wow, look at all the cakes! And Kevins favorite! You should freeze a couple and bring on vacation! :) LOVE the cake pops! They are adorable!!! BOTH are so cute!!!! I bet they win something and the cake is also an entry? Wish I was there! LOVE the fair! xo Nina