Friday, July 22, 2016

Lots of friends and more fair baking...

 Well, it was a nutso day.  I am not sure why I thought it was a good idea to invite 4 extras over today and attempt to get baking done...but I did. I am not always the brightest person. :) We had to get up early yet again to get kids to and from places on time.  Shelb's friend was over by 9am.  Shelb made her fav. bfast...blueberry muffins.
 On the way out to get three extra kiddos I saw Kev and his dad's handiwork from last night...nice!  Fits all our luggage, I think.
 Got our three extras and although it may look like tameness it was not.  The three in the back were wild...and D and his friend were reading...haha...funny the difference in personalities.
 Lots of birds on our feeder today even with all the extra kids here.  Birds decided to invite friends over too apparently :)
 Back at the sand/water box again today.  Seriously, hours of fun!
 LOL...of all the things to chose to do...playing the Frozen matching game.  Anson won.
 We thought he wanted to be sprayed with water...he was spraying the girls first so they sprayed back...we thought he was laughing.
 He was apparently not happy :( Poor boy. Sorry, bud.
 But we were back to smiles soon :) :)
 Slide time...the poor thing is looking sad lately...popped inside and all distorted.  And the air would not stay in it today. But still fun!
 It's been a great free slide though!
 Water balloons!
 I have noticed that Ash can dish it out, but not take it in.
 Go, Ash!  We decided to add the tripled slip-n-slide to the end of the slide...better on the butt or belly depending on which way you slid down.
 LOL...check out Lo's face sneaking up behind them with a water balloon!
 Ash and two of her besties!
 The slip-n-slide was a good idea...but that slide is just so sad now... idea how the girls w/o bathing suits ended up in the pool.  But apparently wet clothes were a shock to Shelb.
 They all actually got along...that was one bonus of the crazy day.
 Catching dragonflies and other bugs/insects.
 Lots of them...but it was catch and release.  None were harmed in the making of this blog :)
 Lunch!  They were starving...and that was a lot of kids to feed. Good thing I don't have to feed 8 often.
 LOL...Anson apparently has the talent of burping the alphabet, but today she burped our names.  Very funny to Dylan!
Also funny...these boots are our nemesis...they never come off without drama!  Thank goodness for friends and a watchful brother!
 Seriously...they cracked me up. They didn't want to go on the water toys, but they played all our preschool girlie games...this time the good ol' strawberry shortcake game. It was Hailey's when she was like 3.  Endless fun apparently!
 Silly girls.  They were on a mission to find a big geode I had thrown back in the woods that Ash had found at her friend's farm.  They had it all planned out down to the winter clothes and as not to get prickers or poison ivy!
 Off they the wrong direction, I might add.
 Inside, the 5th graders and preschooler were getting rowdy with nerf guns and tent hideouts.
 sad geode!
 Inside the middle schoolers were baking away...Kaci bakes a lot and really has a love for it.  She made some yummy lemon rolls today.  Shelb helped...and was making her fair entry.
 I found someone who makes more of a mess in the kitchen when she bakes than I do. Way to go, Kaci!
 They said they were lip syncing to songs on Radio Disney. cream cookie sandwiches. Thumbs up...yumm!!
 So glad Kaci was here today bc she knows how to beat eggs til they are stiff! haha :)  I had no idea it took so long! Shelb did awesome beating away...good job, Shelby!
 Shelb is proud of her wave-like eggs!
 Yumm...lemon rolls!
 The girls with their creations. Shelb's didn't make it out of the pan til Kaci left.
 Some ping pong!
 Some air hockey.
 And a finished cake!!  YAY!  One of Dad's favs...and it was very yummy...she did an awesome job. It is our dessert for tomorrow night.
 Awww...seriously...this table was a good idea. Even big kids like it.
 So funny...he asked to put his suit on finally and this is where we found him.  Swimming by himself in like a foot of water.  So happy. :)
 And somehow he busted the inner tube.  Strong boy.
 Someone got a new toy...and someone was having a tough evening.
The joys of having friends over and baking...lots and lots of dishes...and some bad moods.
Gorgeous view of Boston from Hailey's high rise roof.  Sunset.
Friday pool time.  Such a rough life.  Can't believe in a week she will be packing up to leave and fly to FL.  Time flies!

Whatta day...I was not sure I would make it given how icky I felt this morning, but my little prayer worked and I survived.  The kids all seemed to have fun, it never rained like it looked like it could and we knocked out seeing 4 friends in one day. May as well do it all in one day than spread it out.  But this mama is tired and we have a big concert day tomorrow.  Hoping our violinist is in better spirits tomorrow after some sleep. zzzzz

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