Thursday, July 14, 2016

More games, Sue Sue's a homeowner again, and a great violin solo!

 Well, yet again I have an overheating this will be brief. It was a sleep-in day...yay!  We all slept til at least 9am. The best!  And we made yummy bfasts...Shelb even made homemade BIG blueberry muffins. They were pretty good and I don't even like blueberries.  We finished up our game, not bc we actually finished it, but bc Loggy destroyed it.  Best way to end Monopoly!  And Sue Sue became a homeowner again...yay!  Love her new place. We got to go see it for the first time after her closing, and the kids were whooping and hollering the whole van-ride over.  They could not wait to invade the playhouse and search out all the fun spots in the yard and house.  A beautiful woodsy setting and I know Susie will make it perfect for herself and her kitties :)  The kids loved the playhouse, but it definitely needs some TLC.  We'll get working on it soon!  So happy for Susie and her new home.  Looking forward to many fun times there and yummy meals shared on her big deck.  Good times!  And Shelb did wonderfully on her big solo. She was a tad bit nervous and clutchy with her violin, but honestly the corrections she got, she has done perfectly in private lesson and at home. She just needs to get over her nerves.  And we took a nice walk/run with the fam.  XC training gets us out every night! 



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Nancy Gritter said...

OH MY GOODNESS, those MUFFINS look awesome!!!! I think Shelby got her Aunt Sues culinary skills! YUM!!!! What fun that little house looks like at Sue Sues!!! nThe kids will have fun cleaning it up and then decorating it!! And I have so much stuff here that could help..all kinds of rugs, etc...I may have to bring afew things up to the beach....yay for Shelby and her solo! Its a beautiful piece! :) I have about 3/4 of the garage done..POPS has his area to do...looking good! Alot of work...Love Ya, Mom