Sunday, July 17, 2016

Our Bostonian

 Wanted to post a few pics of our fav. Boston girl...taken over the last couple weeks.  I think this was last weekend when they went out to take some pics around town.  Shelby would like this bc she asks Hailey every time we talk to her if she went to SB.  Cute pic of my girl :)
 Pics with friends...cute...this is Ally, one of her roommates...her mom is the one staying with the girls and cooking them awesome meals!
 LOL!  I imagine she was thinking of me when this pic was taken bc this is the typical Hailey look that I get more often than not!
 Cute of the girls.
 No idea who's brownstone they were snooping around, but it's a pretty backdrop for this cute girl :)
 Another roomie, MT :)
 And another roomie and classmate, Claire (and roomie from SAB)...I think this is the street where they shop?
 4th of July...waiting for fireworks...or after...not sure who these girls are, but I think one is Sophie and I imagine they are SAB/Boston ballet girls
 And this was last night with her friend, Maggie, on their dinner cruise with Boston Ballet.  Pretty girls and a lovely backdrop.
More 4th of July pics...her and Barb...from SAB and her class at Boston.  Barb also went to IU intensive before Boston. in the high rise pool!
 Brunch yesterday...I thought it was a stuffed french toast at first, but maybe it's a sandwich? Looks good either way.
And another shot from the dinner cruise last night as the sun set.  This is the one and only activity she is doing with Boston Ballet. She just didn't want to spend the money on anything else.  And none of her roomies were doing anything.  Glad Maggie did at least.
And her studio at Boston.  I think this is the top floor.  Wish I could see her perform here...kinda sad about that.  She has a performance 2 weeks from last Friday...and I think she is one of 6 leads?  A modern piece similar to something Doricha did with IU years ago.

But she looks like she's having a great time in Boston.  I'm happy for, but we miss her!  Two weeks from today we will all be sunning ourselves in Port St. Joe, FL!  YAY!

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Nancy Gritter said...

LOVE all these pictures!!SO awesome to see our girl enjoying Boston! Only 2 weeks away and we get to enjoy her with US!!! YIPPEE!!! Love and Miss you Hays! xoxoxo Nina