Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Saying goodbye to best friends, awesome violin, cross-country training and a TURTLE!

I hate not posting today but I am wiped and need sleep. Will post pics tomorrow. (But, yes, Shelby finally found a turtle...and then lost it!)
 Well, going back and adding pics to this once-pictureless post.  Yesterday, didn't seem super eventful, but it was a busy day in spite of that.  Shockingly, Logan and Ash slept in til almost 11am!  Whoa. That has never happened! They are my two earliest risers!  Once they were up, we hit the ground running.  We were off to say goodbye to our oldest best friends in Bloomy.  I wanted to have a big get-together for Kim with all her friends, but either she was gone this summer or I was and it never panned out. So we just did something smaller and bought them lunch (yay for Monroe County Pizza!) and stopped at Kroger and got them the last cookie cake they had.
 We crashed their crazy house of packing and ate lunch with them.  I should have brought more food. I forget sometimes how hungry kids can be!
 They had found some fun things while packing and Ash tried one on.  It's one of those fancy dresses that little show girls wear.  hahahaha.  Looks ridiculous on her!
 Best buds since they were 3y.o. at preschool.  We're gonne miss our Cami girl!
 She and Shelb love being crazy together :)
 Pretty girls :)
 Probably the friend I have had the longest in Bloomington. (13 years!)  Our oldest girls are now 16 and went to preschool together and then we were pg with Shelb and Cami together. We had both been crying in this pic :(  Gonna miss her sooooo much...and I think she is so brave to make this move to FL...a big leap of faith.  I admire her so much for all she has done this last year being home alone and working full-time and running her girls back and forth in their busy lives, while her hubby worked in FL.  I am glad they can all be together now and FL is getting a great blessing in this family. I hate that they are moving..but selfishly glad that since they did have to move, they are moving on the way to my family's house so hopefully we can see them once a year on our way down to Ft. Laud!
 Violin intensive. Seriously I am blown away.  I was not sure Shelby would want to rise to the challenges, but she is doing amazing....more than I can put into words. I am so proud of her. Her teacher even seems blown away.  I wish I could post a video of the music (2 and 3 part violin music)...just gives me chills to hear her play. I remember feeling this way at this same age when I saw Hailey dance.  There is just something seeing your children using the talents God gives them.  It's very fulfilling.  So very proud of her and cannot wait to hear her concert in a couple weeks. That she has made soooo much progress in one week is unbelievable to me.
 We inherited some greenery from my friend, Kim.  They are all beautiful and meaningful and it's like a piece of their family is now on our back porch. I just hope I can keep them green!  Shelb's gonna help me!
 We had a little fun outside last night as daddy set up the tent again and let it dry out from the weekend rain.
 And she was supposed to be doing XC training all June, but we just ran out of time.  So...the night before her first cross-country practice, she ran, while I biked alongside her. This is her warm-up.  Sorta questionable if you ask me!  But it was good for a laugh! :)
 Running...while mom bikes by her...sorta torturous.
 So, we were almost halfway through the run and she stops at this drainage area. She does this every time we run/walk/bike...in hopes of finding a turtle. And guess what....there one was!!!!  Sitting right there under some muck and leaves trying to hide from us...so cute though.  She didn't have her glasses on and we were not sure if it was a snapper, so we were careful to put our hands in there.  She ran to get some cat tales to try to lift it out.  She came back and dug in the muck, but she couldn't see well without her glasses and that sneaky turtle just ran away under her hands (bc turtles run, ya' know :))  Anyway....it was heart-breaking to her to have a turtle in her hands and not have gotten it.  But I think it was God's way of saving that turtle! haha :)  At least she can say she found one now...but that is not at all deterring her from catching one!
 And so we kept running...turtleless and sad. :(
 Telling me we will look for that turtle again on the way back!
 She got faster thinking the turtle might be back in the same place when we ran by again and she would get it this time.
Seems sorta torturous for me to be leisurely riding by and her huffing and puffing behind me.  But she did it and ran 2 miles!
 We also found a bunny on our run....but he ran off into the cornfields shortly after. 
 And our attempt at patriotic cinnamon rolls that morning.  I burned them and didn't make enough for a flag, but they kids still ate them and thought they looked cool.  Sprinkles make everything better...at least in kids' eyes :)

That was our day...sad saying goodbye, amazing violin, tough running and a sneaky turtle!

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