Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer couldn't get any more exciting...

Well, it was quite the exciting day (not).  But a necessary one at that.  We had back-to-back well visits and try as I might to reschedule them for a better time (so the kids to go to Nina and Poppy's earlier), the office was not willing to let me get another time til fall.  So off to the doc's we went for the three middle kiddos.  We made the best of it...
 We love their toys!
 Even the big kids do.  And the funny thing is that a month ago we were in here for Shelb's physical and one of the kids showed Lo how to make footprints on this toy (heated so it holds your print for a minute)...and he has not forgotten. Off his shoes went as he hid in the corner trying to be sly about what he was doing :)
 I love it when they get old enough to fill out their own paperwork. Though I am not sure a 7 year old is equipped to evaluate her own psychological state.
 Oh the excitement as shown by Shelby!
 Packing for Nina and Poppy's...not as easy at it might seem. 
 The boys went with me to the library. We tried to go at 9am, but would you believe the library does not open til 10am!  So we had to go back.  I showed Dylan how to find our "hold books". After this summer, we should be able to work in the library...we know so much about it and go every week!  Reminds me of when I went to my gma Fergie's house...she would take me to the library all the time! 
 All Lo wanted to do was play with the toys...I see a pattern here with these big wood box toys. Thank goodness we do not have one and can just go to the library and doctor's to play. They are big toys.
 Back at the peds office playing with their toys. I love how D takes Lo under his wing.
 So stoic.  Lo and I were laughing at all the "woo woos" on the wall :)  D was not amused.
 Then they were off to Nina and Poppy's! 
 And very excited to be riding in their new fancy vehicle and watching Scooby!  Except they could not figure out the sound....not quite as fun on mute.
 Gonna miss these stinkers. But they will have a fun 4 days at Nina and Poppy's.  Tonight the three middles were going to the Children's Museum for a special space exhibit event complete with dinner.  Fun!
 I had good intentions of digging into this before Kev got home...or at least putting a dent in it. But I had a bunch of email to do (never finished) and had to write a recommendation for a teacher.  All that stuff is so hard to do with 4 kids under foot.  Anyway...Kev got home early the closet is still a disaster.  Another day...
 But we did help Susie, and Kev got to see her new place.  Let's call him the Potty Man.  He helped move her two new lieus into her house.  He does have a knack for toilet-related things!
 He got to see her awesome, big new deck!
 And admire the handiwork of the last homeowners...I think Loggy could lay linoleum better than this...he is good at puzzles. These people were not.
 Kev could not resist trying to figure out what the numbers on the wall were from...latitude/longitude?
 Admiring the fridge left on the side yard.  Interesting.
 And our exciting evening at home.  Eggs for dinner--wow, fancy...and then a computer lit romantic evening looking up anniversary destinations for Sept.
 I got a little bored and took some artsy photos
 At least I get a few days of peace with my guy
But he might be sick of me by Tuesday.  I can be a pain (it's a gift) :) hee hee

Truly, summer could not get anymore exciting in the Steg household!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Ahhhh PURE EXCITEMENT!! I can hardly contain myself!!!!! :)

Good LUCK with the cleanout!!! I know you can do it!!! Just keep moving forward and anticipate how good it will feel when its done!! You can do it!! LOVE you guys! Mom

Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!