Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A new preschool and utter exhaustion

A few pics from yesterday...of Logan's awesome day at preschool...meeting his new teacher at his new preschool...and some in-between stuff.  Need to get zzz's or would add commentary :)

I am going to bed tonight and deferring the blog til tomorrow.  It has been a nut, nut, nutty day...the best of which was getting to go to Hailey's old ALPS school and sign up Logan for preschool. I love that school. Love it. Great people and such an uplifting environment.  I saw our old vice principal who is principal there (love her!), and saw the old secretary from when Hailey was there (love her too!) and met Loggy's new teacher, who is wonderful!  I think he is pretty excited about going there...and I think he may just end up taking the bus. But for now we are going to try to take him and pick him up.  Not sure that is the right decision, but waiting for some confirmation on that! :) was a crazy day and poor Kev said he even fell asleep at work.  Not good.  Now our middle girl is up in tears doing hw.  Reminds me of me when I was that age.  I feel for her.  I wish our days could be different.  I almost wish I could be a homeschool mom...but I just don't have that gift.  Sigh.

More tomorrow...and pics...

Not loving our new normal...

I think 5 kids is catching up with us.  It never seemed super hard before.  I am to this weird point where I cannot keep anything straight. I know I eluded to it yesterday, but it is just getting worse.  I need some down time in my days (which I at least had a little of last year). I fear, this whole year is going to be like this. I hope things settle down a bit once Hailey is back in her routine in NYC and we get in our groove. Because this is not fun.  I feel the joy is sucked out of all of us. I am sitting here while my 11 year old still works on hw.  We are all tired.  I have a lot more to write, but too tired...

Instead here are a few pics...both my iphones are full with pics so this will prob. be my last day of pics for the next week since I can't even take anymore.

 The day started off great...van would not start.  It could not be charged. We had to have a towing service come out.  Apparently he had better chargers or something bc he got it working.  Nice way to start the morning. Only silver lining is Kev happened to be home so I could use his Yukon and no kids were late to school.  This was a God-thing.  Also, we just renewed our AAA so towing service call was free.
 Cutest thing ever is watching a little boy color his Awana homework and work so hard on learning his memory verse.  He has started praying this week too and it is the most adorable thing. I need to tape it and post it.  Melts my heart. He is not one to usually sit and color, but check out how detailed and in-the-lines his Cubbie Bear is!
 YAY for Class 101!  Kev's awesome aunt and uncle are in charge of this place here in Bloomy. If you ever need helping getting into college or increase your ACT/SAT test scores...they are the ones to go to!  They are helping Hailey even though she is in a unique position.  She can even skype in and do the prep courses from NYC.  Junior year is her big year...and she has to do double work bc of ballet...this means she has a normal list of colleges to attend and then a list if ballet works out too and she wants to take classes at the same time or defer.  Crazy.  Life used to be so simple with college apps.
 Lo saved the day. Not every day a 3 year old can help a lady who locked her keys in the car at Kroger...but her window was cracked open enough so he could get his arm in, but only he adult. She was so grateful. He said his arm hurt after :)
 Chillin' at Class 101...on the Big Joe chair...if only we had more room to store these, I'd get some for our kids!
 TB test at the docs...SAB has not called me back about this so we just decided to get it.  Don't want her not being allowed in the residence hall on Monday.
 Postcards!  They started arriving today for D's USA postcard race!  He was thrilled!  Thanks to all who are sending them!!
 Awww...working so hard coloring Jesus and the cross that he fell asleep.  :)
 YAY for Alaska!  We have family there and they were the first ones to send him a postcard!  He was soooo excited!
 Funny ones from FL and Nina and Pops! :)
 Bonus...3 postcards...we can't get enough of FL! 
 YAY...for Alaska and FL...on two opposite sides of the USA!
Everyone needs a cappuccino after XC practice!  We make our own in the Steg house...did you know?
 Off once again on her own driving around meet friends for dinner downtown.  She had to skip ballet, but she is having a hard time fitting in seeing everyone otherwise.
 Violin night!  Go, Shelb!
Where we are now (registering for SAT in NYC and doing lots of HW)...ugh...and since I forgot to post this before midnight this is now a day late. Oh well. Goes along with the day.

And my sweet Lo starts a new preschool in a week and a half.  He was will be one tired boy bc he will go from one preschool to the next on Monday and Wednesday. Not ideal, but all we could do.  And he might even take a bus home.  Is it crazy to let a 3 year old take a bus home?  Please don't answer that bc we might do it. That is how crazy our new normal is.  Not my fav.  Sigh.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Manic Monday

I feel like I am losing it.  It's not an overwhelmed feeling, it's a feeling of not being able to keep anything straight in my mind.  It was continual today.  I just feel scattered.  Started off forgetting Logan's red bucket for preschool.  Ugh.  I have never forgotten a bucket in 13 years of my 5 kids going there. I am getting old. He knew I was upset about it and he said, "It's ok, mama". Thanks, buddy!  He did however love seeing the crane building the new part of our church!

 He also loved using the dot markers to make a dog hat!
 He learned about dalmations today...specifically fire dogs!  There are pics later on, that his teacher took.  I wish I could have gone back to see Kasey and the firedogs, but had take Hays to ballet. 
 We were VERY grumpy after preschool...we yelled at mama...and cried...we needed a nap, and a poop and some food....all things make us grumpy.  We tried to do our Cubbie AWANA stuff, but we were too grumpy :(  It was hot in our van while waiting the hour for Hailey to come out of ballet.  I was grumpy too.
 We cheered up a little and colored our Cubbie book.
 Seemed like a wasted day til it was taxi service time....time for gymnastics first. I never leave her at gymnastics without supervision, but we had to today to watch Shelb's meet. She understood.
 Shelb went home with one of her besties, Hailey...who is also a CC bud! 
 Team pic (girls)!
 And they were off...and boy was it HOT!  Can you spot Shelb?
 Crazy boys...
 Sweet boys
 Go Shelb...go!
 Waiting for Shelb to turn the corner...
 A nice rear shot of her and her running buddy.
 Crossing the 24th place out of 46. She wanted to be at the halfway mark, but she barely missed it.  But she did improve her time and on an extremely hot day that is awesome!  She was happy.  She really did great!
 A lovely shot of Pops and his Shelb...and Lo trying to grab her water...he was soooo thirsty (quite a bear)
 Nina and Pops came to support her. I knew it took out of Sue's time...but it was the only meet they could see while they were here.
 Hot, hot, hot...hottest day for running...ugh. Tough to watch, can't imagine running in it!  But Ash had endless energy...doing gymnastics in the field :)
 Evidence of the sun beating down on us! 
 After the meet...they had to run around the football field
 Time to go home!
 Oops...not enough seats for kids...Hays took our nice a/c van and we were stuck in an a/c-less seat-less Yukon.  Poor Shelb.
 We made it up to her with Chinese. She had been craving it since we thought we might have it this past weekend.  She was one happy girl!
 As was Hays after ballet...yummy Chinese...and Lo and his crazy eating habits.
 Daddy took this one of Ash at gymnastics...can you see her jumping!
 I almost didn't see Lo in this pic petting the sweet firedog.  He loves "woo woos"
LOL...can you spot Lo?  The one with the hat pulled over his head.  Crazy kid.
 Prepping for SAB...almost time to go back...this time next week we will be dropping her off!  Her summer was pretty much non-existent, but that's our ballerina's life.  Here is her ID pic...only way she can get her meals and in the building is to have this pic :)
 And our sweet Ash made this about herself.  I think the picture looks just like her :)  She also wrote a book about herself that I love, but it's hard to copy and put on here.  She's got a big heart!

Busy day.  Every day is busy.  Busy, busy, busy...