Sunday, August 14, 2016

18 years with my man!

How blessed am I that I have been with this hottie for 18 years today!?!  The best choice I ever made in my life was to say yes to him.  He was made for me!  Love him so, so much. 

And we had a wonderful day today.  It was a rainy, dark morning, but the kids must have gotten up early and made us bfast.  It was so sweet (and totally Shelb's idea).  She even got up early and wrote on my special plates and my banner and cleaned up the house. And she made us blueberry muffins (her specialty). And Hailey wasn't even here to was all Shelb with the help of the younger sibs. It was so cute. They came in here with their two trays of goodies and served us in bed.  I will post more pics tomorrow...but want to just veg for a bit with my anniversary guy. We had a great day though.  Church...then home for cheesy fondue lunch...then a nap on the couch for both of us while the kids played upstairs...then Nina and Poppy came to babysit so we could go to RuthChris in Indy for dinner. We had a nice gift card from Nina and Poppy so it was a very cheap meal...yet very fancy (we even dressed up a bit--rare for us)...and we even got free choc. covered strawberries with our anniversary written in chocolate!  Awesome.  And then we walked around Indy for a bit.  It was a wonderful end to the day. Now we are romantically watching old clips of Olympics since we can't watch the live stuff.  Trampolining and badmitten...are they really Olympic-worthy?  No one I'd rather spend each exciting and mundane day with.  Love this guy!  Happy 18th, Babe! Can't wait to celebrate more in Maryland in a few weeks!


Nancy Gritter said...

Happy 18th Wedding Anniversary!!!! It seems like your wedding was just yesterday! Such a wonderful celebration of two kiddos that were meant to be together! xo Mom and Dad

JT said...

Happy Anniversary!