Wednesday, August 17, 2016

1st day of preschool!

Well, this will be a post for another day...but let's just say it was a rough morning.  Thankfully it got better, but I was fairly confident preschool would be a flop for Lo.  I am glad I was wrong!  But he did NOT want to go...even once he was there he still resisted quite persistently.  My first kid to really almost refuse to go.  He was pretty disagreeable about everything today honestly.  Just a "wake up on the wrong side of the bed" kinda day.  But we made it through. And we had some fun along the way too (some fun treats, a lunch at Chickfila with Hays, etc).  I will post more hopefully tomorrow. The best part of our day was having the evening off from activities...and we had fun mini ice creams too (per Logan's request)...just to celebrate our preschooler.  We will see how next Monday will be his first day at preschool without me...he and I both might need some prayer. Sending my final baby to school is making me a little emotional, especially since he's a mama's boy. Good thing I still have my "1st preschooler" at home for a few more weeks :)  I will feel like I have an empty nest after Labor Day!  Boo hoo :(

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