Thursday, August 4, 2016

A cloudy vacation day

Well it stormed all night but by morn it was lovely. Actually for a beach crew who is pretty burned, the overcast sky was a blessing. We had planned to make it sandcastle day but no one seemed real enthused about that. What a bunch of beach party poopers!  So I made the fam takes some beach pics (unsuccessfully I might add).  And then most of the gang headed to the pool. The guys set up shark fishing poles during the afternoon today. Which would have worked perfect with sandcastle making cuz we would have all been in one place. But of course they caught a baby shark while we were at the pool and everyone missed it. And the guys didn't even have phones with them so no pics either. And no proof of their big catch. What a bummer. The gang was pretty lazy the rest of the day. A few of us sat on the beach and hoped for another exciting catch but nothing surfaced. Daddy and Hays and I did help Lo build a sand castle which he named Logantown. And later on Pops and Jeff went out in the boat fishing, and half the gang went gift shopping, while Kev and I went on a hot date to the lighthouse in town.  It was nice to have some peace. The guys didn't catch anything but a crab in their trip out, and we just laid low tonight...parashuting toys off balconies, playing games with Nina, frisbee on the beach at sunset (Kev and I), etc. Only one more day here and then back to reality and back to school. Ugh.

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