Friday, August 5, 2016

A rainy last day

Well, the rain finally hit us today and put a damper on any last day beach/fishing plans.  We tried to not let it detour us much but it would have better to have a rainy day midweek than on our last day. The kids really weren't able to play at the beach at all today.  But we did get in some pool time.  Jeff came up with a rip roaring game of water baseball. Pops was umpire and you can imagine the calls made. 😉  But they had fun even playing in the rain. Jeff and Kev were the ocean daredevils and did some kayak surfing amongst the rough waves. I really wanted to do some boogey boarding but the weather was just a little questionable. We laid low most if the day and packed early.  We had a delicious coal fired pizza dinner in town and then finally got in some family pics on the beach when the rain let up. We even got to see Pops show off his dancing skillz by the ocean!  Mighty impressive! 😳  And we ended the night with our shell contest, watching the Olympics and packing up. Oh and Shelb and I just went sea turtle egg hunting on the beach in the dark (with no success) We made the best of a wet stormy day, but still a bummer to end on a blah day.

So many great memories made here at Cape San Blas and so thankful for such wonderful family to spend the week with. Thanks, Nina and Pops for a great vacation!  Can't wait to sort thru pics and post soon!

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