Saturday, August 13, 2016

A rainy Saturday...a new driver party and Olympic gymnastics

 It was a gloomy, rainy Saturday.  Just my kind of day after a long week of starting school.  It forced us to rest a little.  We had hoped to sleep in more than we did, but I will take 8am over 6am any day.  Soooo....Kev and I headed to the Kroger on our first date of the day...hey, if I have to go there at least I can have a hot date :)  Then we threw together a little surprise lunch "party" for our new driver!  I know it totally embarrassed her, but when do we not have a little fun with food!  haha :)
 food related to cars and the road...what is more fun than that? Nina would have liked it too...we had her fav. sandwich ring subs! these subs...and this time we made them into cars...and we added some sushi too!
 We added a few fruit cars too!  I was going to add some twinkie and candy cars, but we were trying to make this a healthy lunch. I did make some rice krispie treat stop lights, that I then put them on the island upsidedown...go figure :)
 We got a lecture from Ash that it was not nice to make fun of Hailey for being a bad driver...we told her it was a right of passage...all 16 year olds are bad drivers :)
 A nice lunch together :)
 Someone tried sushi for the first time...well, it was vegetarian (and avocado), but he actually tried it.
 Not sure he loved it...
 yea, he didn't love it...but I remember this kid like 9 years ago gagging on all his look at him...he tries everything.  Proud of him!
 Ashley's gymnastics place was having a free Olympic day today....I could have skipped it, but I knew Ash and Lo would love it. We went at the tail end and were the last group let in.  Lo liked the water ring toss...he loves free water!
 waiting to start our rotation...they could have gotten their faces painted like Olympians, but neither one of them wanted that!
 She's actually pretty good at soccer...even in flip flops!
 LOL...he ran past the soccer ball and kicked the other kid's ball. 
 He was supposed to do the relay after Ash, but every time he did it with her. He is so cute.  I love his thought process
 Bounce houses are always fun!!!
 hanging from the bar...she has nice form
 awwww...he loved this.
 Mr. Happy go lucky!
 Sibs hanging together
 She figured out that hanging was easier with her hands backwards
 running and jumping in the pit...his fav!
 LOL...she jumped over him!
 On the podium!
 Gold medal winners...haha....not really, but they did get free candy and ribbons!  Such a fun event...and all free.  Plus it gave daddy time to go through paperwork, Shelb time to play her 2.5 hours of violin and Dylan time to chill. 
 Driving out of our neighborhood to take Hays to her sleepover...we spotted a deer heading to the park to play :)
 My new centerpiece...I think I need an aqua candle, but I love my FL sand and shells :)
My 2nd hot date with this Sam's!  Whoa we are getting spoiled by hot shopping dates!  Can't believe it's been almost 18 years with this guy!  Happy Almost Anniversary, babe!


Nancy Gritter said...

LOVE the driving theme food and yes!!!!!! My fav sandwiches!! So cute, all those little cars!!
And LOVE the candle you created with all the FAVORITE cool shells!! So pretty and wonderful memories attached! :) Love to see Ashley at her favorite place, gymnastics!!! Love the last gym pic of her and Logee on the medal stand!! GOLD I am sure!! haha Looks like a FUN time!AND love the pic of the deer right there at the playground! How cool! Busy times at the Stegs! xo Nina

Nancy Gritter said...

PS, Did you tell the kids about your 1st accident driving under a semi truck with the Silver Speeder? Kinda goes along with the theme of all 16 yr olds being bad drivers????? Tehe :)