Monday, August 15, 2016

A soggy Monday

Well, the rain has not stopped in 3 days.  It's getting a little old, but I did take advantage of it and sat on the couch with my Loggy and just vegged...and also fell asleep unintentionally. Hays had a lazy day too...working on summer homework and playing hide n seek with Lo.  But the rain did put a damper on XC.  First meet was supposed to be today and it was canceled.  Poor Shelb. She didn't seem too broken up about it. She was not having the best day anyway. I guess her bus was late, and she was late for class. And she said she doesn't run her best on Mondays anyway.  Ok.  The day went by and we enjoyed a nice night at home (sorta)...we unsuccessfully tried to get our missing fair ribbons again...and the rain broke for a bit and we took a family bike ride. Then had Monday fondue...a late anniversary dessert and also a celebration of cross country for Shelb.  Hopefully her first meet will be Thursday now.  We did find out toady that most likely Loggy will be going to two preschools (due to his speech and need for special ed preschool)...or he will not going to our church one. We have not decided fully. We will know more Friday morning after our meeting with the public school preschool coordinator.  But I am sad on some levels.  I do not want my little boy in preschool almost every day nor do I want him not to be at our church preschool.  Praying for some peace on this.  I know he needs this help and I am not afraid to get it for him, just kinda grieving for those couple days a week I will not have with my last baby at home. Sigh. 

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