Saturday, August 6, 2016

Almost home to reality

Well, we are a couple hours from home. Reality is setting in. It wouldn't be so bad but being home means we have only 3 more days of summer and it's back to school.  This stinks. Maybe most moms love their kids going back to school but I dread it. I feel summer is so stinking short and I have really liked have the kids home.  Oh well, at least I have my oldest and youngest home for a little bit. It's part of life and as Pops said last night, "ya can't be on vacation forever!" I guess he's right. Life is not one big vacation and we appreciate wonderful vacations when we weather the toughs of life. And the last week has been wonderful.  A perfect amount of family time, relaxation, laughs, and memories  made. So grateful to have had that before the craziness of life starts back up.

Anyway it's been a long day of driving for poor Kev and will be good to be back in our own beds and take the day off tomorrow.  We had initially planned to take a leisurely trip back today and stay in a hotel and sight see. But the kids voted last night and wanted to come home. We all need a day off recup and wrap our minds around summer being over. One more stop and we should be home. The older girls are neck and neck for winning the license plate game. Hays even caught up from not being with us on the drive down.  That'll teach Shelb to nap on car rides!  Whoever wins gets a special food at the last rest stop! Stegs are highly motivated by treats!! 😉

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