Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Back to School!

  Well, the day has come and gone...and we are back at it!  Seems like we never even had a summer really.  Oh well.  That is how it goes. They say as the kids get older time goes by faster. I agree.  We were up at the butt crack of dawn getting ready for the day.  But we made it.  This mama is worn beyond measure, so I am only posting a few pics...above is the school-going-gang.  YAY for 2nd, 5th and 7th grades!
 We had to get a whole-gang shot too. Poor Hays...we made her get up.  I think she thought she had to get up to babysit, but I just wanted a pic.  And her poor eye was half swollen shut due to make-up so she looks a little puffy. But she abliged even though she doesn't start school for almost another month. As did Loggy. :)  He starts preschool a week from today!
 We will be in 4 different schools this year.  I will for sure be taxi service all year long!  I took my middle girl to middle school first.  Isn't this the sweetest pic? I love it.  She was a little nervous, but she had a great day!
 Then I came home and took a few more pics of my elem. kids!  I love Ash's of my fav. colors...and she looked so pretty :) She had a great day too. I am just a little sad for her. She is in class with no one she knows.  How does that happen? I know she is social and outgoing, but come on...a 2nd grader should be in class with someone she knows and likes!?  I am still so confused about this and disappointed she didn't get paired up with someone she knew.  But this happened to Hailey when she was at Summit too and it prepared her for making big changes with school and life...and every year it did happen she made a new friend.  I am choosing to think the same will happen for Ashley.  I am trying to be more positive about things that I cannot change.  She does love her teacher though so I am glad about that!  She had a great day...and she only mentioned once how she wished she had a friend in her class.
 And my boy is famous!  He was front page of the newspaper today giving our principal (who is also our neighbor) a fist bump.  Actually we are all in the pic (minus Shelb and daddy who were at cross country practice)...I feel so famous being on the red carpet AND in the paper. Haha :)  D was pretty excited though...his name was actually right there on the front page!  He had a great day and has friends in his class and also likes his teacher (who is also our neighbor!)

More pics tomorrow...this mama needs some zzzzzz's!

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awww!! great pics of the kiddos on their first day of school!! Ashley looks so pretty in that color and I love her hairbow! and I know she will make some friends in her class!! Just takes afew weeks and she will be fine!Yay for Dylan and the whole family on the RED CARPET!! haha Fun to be in the paper!! Glad Shelby enjoyed her first day in junior high! Busy busy day! :)