Thursday, August 11, 2016

Clear the Roads...our Ballerina is officially allowed behind the wheel alone!

Well, it's official...she can now drive alone (and even take our kids places by herself).  I am not gonna lie...that puts a little bit of fear in me.  But I figure if she can live in NYC on her own and take the subway all the time, I should certainly not be anxious about her driving around Bloomy alone, right?'s a few pics of the day...waiting at the BMV...not really a line at all...bc most normal 16 year olds in town are IN school now :)
 She had a grumpy friend by her side...he would not look at me to save the world...
 And after about 10 mins at the front desk, getting her pic taken and her eyes checked...she had her official paper.  And not too shabby of a pic this time either (at least better than her first copy of her permit...that pic was hilarious!).  The hard copy comes in the mail in 10 days.
 A pretty anticlimactic experience given she had really gotten her license last year when she passed her driving test at driver's ed. That's how they do it here in Indiana.  So she just handed in her passed driving test paper (and didn't have to drive at all) and she had to have her many logged hours of driving...and whalah!  A nice tall girl outside the BMV with her new paper license.  Really does seem anticlimactic, but it's a right of passage to "have" your license, even if you don't need it since you live in NYC and take a subway everywhere!
 Proud of this girl...even though I am not sure getting the license today was hard work.  But at least her eye wasn't swollen shut like yesterday :)
 Our attempt to get her fav. supporter to pose with her.  I think he was more interested in driving his own car (see his right hand :))
 Have I mentioned he has needed a nap a lot this week due to swimming....tired boy equals grumpy boy.
 And then a tantrum...he refused to walk and threw his toys on the ground.  Way to put a damper on Hailey's license day, bud!
 She couldn't actually drive home bc we had to insure her, but about 15 minutes after she got her license daddy had her insured and she was tooling around town...with me and Lo, of course.  Maybe tomorrow she can actually drive herself somewhere?
 We ran some errands and then hit Red Mango (froyo) to celebrate Lo and Hailey's big days!
 My oldest and sweet
 Being funny together :)
 and goofy :)
 And sweet...looking at FL beach pics :)
 And this morn someone passed his swim class and is onto Level 2!  This week has been awesome having a semi-private lesson for 3 days and then a private lesson yesterday.  He made huge progress...and I think a week in FL in the pool helped too!  Way to go, Loggy...on to Level 2 next summer!  We loved James, our teacher...he was awesome!
 Someone took the bus to middle school this morning for the first time.  Yay for them!
 2nd day of school done!  I think it went well! 
And Hays got to meet Henry and see Sue Sue's new casa.  Fun!

More pics later...but sleep could not come sooner.


Nancy Gritter said...

Congrats Hays!!Now you are an adult!! haha There is nothing like the freedom of driving away from your house ALL BY YOUR SELF!! Its exhilarating! ENJOY for the next 3 weeks before you trade it for a subway!Enjoy the freedom! xo Nina

Nancy Gritter said...

PS, Congratulations Logee!!!! You did so good in the pool and passed to the next level! Way to go buddy!! xoxox Nina