Sunday, August 7, 2016

Jumping back into things

 (adding a are a weird bunch least one of us...and one who sneaks treats before he is evidenced by chocolate on his face :))

Well, we are home.

And I am tired. Not really in a post-vacation funk...just not ready to start back at the crazy routine of school and activities.  

You'd think after a week of fun in the sun, I'd feel well-rested.  But knowing we have to jump back into school in 2 days is draining to the mind.

It's 10:30pm, and we are sorting school supplies while watching excerpt of the Olympics.  One downfall of Netflix is you don't get to watch the Olympics without paying extra. We are too cheap for that, plus we won't have the time to sit and watch them anyway with school back in session. So we are watching 4 min parts of the Olympics...not real exciting.

I have pics to post, but I am refusing to do blog posts with pics this late at night. It it sucking my sleep time away. And with Hailey home I have less motivation to post anyway.  So pics will come later...of vacation too....might be later in the week once we are back in the school routine.

I will say that I wish we could have had a day off. We did sort of, but not enough.  I had to run to Kroger bright and early bc we were out of milk and eggs and Shelb wanted to make her yummy blueberry muffins for Hays.  We all slept in til 9 or for Hays, it was more like 11am.  Since we hadn't planned to be home til this afternoon, we skipped church.  We needed to not have to get up early today.  We had a couple rounds of bfast. Then dug into unpacking, laundry, dishes and chores.  The usual post-vacation stuff. Then we dove into the school stuff....sorting old un-used school supplies, looking at the new list, making a list for the store....then diving into even more fun of making new chore charts for the school year. Oh yay!  Kids were ecstatic :)  Then we headed to Walmart...not at all where I like to do supply shopping, but it's right down the road, so easier than Target across town.  They were sorely lacking in supplies, so I will need to make a trek across town tomorrow.  Oh joy.  Then we headed home for a yummy dinner. We thought we'd have a Steg family gathering at Kev's aunt and uncle's down the road, but that was canceled, so we were glad to have a nice dinner out back at our own some grillin' and enjoy having our Hays back in the house.  We went for a nice bike ride/run for Shelb after.  Gotta keep both our older girls in shape!  Then had a special "welcome back from Boston" dessert....Boston Cream Cupcakes. Since we could never get them in Boston (they were always sold out!), I made them. They turned out pretty yummy!  Now we are resorting school supplies and Loggy fell asleep on the couch.  Tomorrow starts a busy schedule of swim lessons for Lo, cross country for Shelb and back to school meetings.  2 more days of summer.  Where did the time go?

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