Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Last day of summer for Lo, ribbons received, library time, grumpy Lo, and open house night!

Well, my posts might start to dwindle off for a bit...
With Hailey home I have less motivation to post and I am just too tired with school starting back up.  I need to be realistic with time.  
But I will try to a post a few pics and a paragraph each day.  Might be a day late though.
Today was another rainy day. Honestly, the rain needs to stop, or I am moving to Florida.  Just kidding. But it is getting old.  I had hoped to have some fun outdoors today on Logan's last day of summer...maybe go on a long bike ride with Hays too...but never panned out.  Rain didn't stop til school ended.  Sooo...instead we did our normal Tuesday library story hour and craft time.  We haven't done this since May.  It was fun.  Might be the last time we do it too if Lo starts going to public preschool.  Sigh.  I will miss my time with my Lo.  Good news about the day, is that we did finally claim our lost fair ribbons. Ash was sooooo happy. She can finally do her show-n-tell at school and tell all about her winning cake pops and show off her real grand champion ribbon!  Poor Lo had a bit of a rough day post-library. On the way out he tripped with his flip flops and smashed his nose in the door...so bad that the door went off its hinge and the library personnel came running.  See pic below of his sad face outside the library. Then later on he colored all over himself with permanent marker just bc he was bored in the van. No idea where he got the marker.  Of course both these things left a mark on the day before school starts.  Thankfully he looks ok tonight.  I felt kinda bad being gone all morning and leaving Hays by herself, but I walked in the door at 1230 and apparently she had just woken up. She never does this, but even the rain is throwing her off!  She better not get too lazy though or those ballerina legs may not dance in a couple weeks! :)  But she was a great babysitter tonight so we could go to elementary open house (and cub scouts) w/o Lo.  So...Lo had his final day of summer...I had hoped to make it a little more fun, but the rain just dampened that. We did venture to the mall to get him a couple new shirts for school...and drop money in his fav. coin thing...and sit on the riding toys for free...then came home and did some bird watching while eating nachos and ice cream...and we played a game, which somehow put me to sleep (ugh...have I mentioned I am tired?!).  And I let him pick out one thing at the dollar store (he loves Skittles!)...and he had a special donut in the van after his library door injury. Oh and we made a fun snack later on to celebrate summer being gone.  I think you can tell what he wanted to eat...(not the healthy part).  Hard to believe a week has gone by since school started, but my mind and body sure feel it.  I am exhausted and I don't teach or go to school. Can't wait for summer! haha



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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!