Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lay-low day and another open house night

Well I am too beat to post tonight.  It was a bit of a bumpy day and on days like this I am grateful for my hubby.  He took up the slack this morning helping with lunches and kids.  I was not feeling well at all. Thankfully after a couple more hours of sleep I was better. Also grateful for Hays who babysat and did dishes and laundry.  It is not cool when mama is down and out, but a mama is thankful for a family that steps up in her absence.  One day brightener was talking to my mama today. We don't get to catch up much so it was a bonus in an otherwise blah day. Also had fun seeing my oldest boy for lunch. He has a great group of friends in his class this year.  They were hilarious at lunch doing Lunch-Olympics.  I love how fun and easy going he is.  And my Shelb had her open house tonight. It was nice running through a mini sched of her middle school day. Her teachers all seem great. So glad the weekend is almost here!  Yay!!

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