Friday, August 12, 2016

Making the best of the new school year...

 Well, this will be a wordless post. But I am choosing to do that over a picture-less one.  I am just too beat to write.  This first week of school was just exhausting...and I am only the mom, not a teacher or a student.  And it was only half a week!  I can only imagine how next week will go.  haha :)  But I am trying to go with it. Trying to be optimistic about things and trying to make the most of the kids being back in school. It is hard bc Logan is the most demanding kid we have and he does not even let me  clean something w/o immediately making a mess. I  cleaned the floor today and 5 minutes later he brushed all his mini wheat mess on it!  Grrr.  But my new goal is to clean something every day.  Even if it's small. Today I got Hailey's bathroom done.  I usually clean it before she comes home but why bother when we were going on vacation.  And she was gone today so it worked out good.  Mostly Lo and I spent the day at home while the kids were in school.  We did have to venture out this morning to take the kids to school, try to get our fair ribbons from the Purdue office, and try to make changes to Shelb's middle school sched.  All were failures.  Oh well. We came home and made nachos and vegged til school pick-up. Also tried to get in a nap routine, but that was a fail as well. It took him an hour to fall asleep and then he had to get up 10 mins later.  But those 10mins were peaceful! haha.  Hays had an awesome time with Nina Stegs in Greenwood shopping and getting a pedicure and eating good Cheesecake Factory food. They even brought us back dessert. Ash and Shelb had a bday party to go to and then it was off to our back to school pool night. We got home after 10.  We are whipped.  I am glad tomorrow is a slow day and a sleep in day. The best kind of day! 



Anonymous said...

Haileys feet in those heels, mmm so hot

Unknown said...

Prefer Shelbys

Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!