Monday, August 29, 2016

Manic Monday

I feel like I am losing it.  It's not an overwhelmed feeling, it's a feeling of not being able to keep anything straight in my mind.  It was continual today.  I just feel scattered.  Started off forgetting Logan's red bucket for preschool.  Ugh.  I have never forgotten a bucket in 13 years of my 5 kids going there. I am getting old. He knew I was upset about it and he said, "It's ok, mama". Thanks, buddy!  He did however love seeing the crane building the new part of our church!

 He also loved using the dot markers to make a dog hat!
 He learned about dalmations today...specifically fire dogs!  There are pics later on, that his teacher took.  I wish I could have gone back to see Kasey and the firedogs, but had take Hays to ballet. 
 We were VERY grumpy after preschool...we yelled at mama...and cried...we needed a nap, and a poop and some food....all things make us grumpy.  We tried to do our Cubbie AWANA stuff, but we were too grumpy :(  It was hot in our van while waiting the hour for Hailey to come out of ballet.  I was grumpy too.
 We cheered up a little and colored our Cubbie book.
 Seemed like a wasted day til it was taxi service time....time for gymnastics first. I never leave her at gymnastics without supervision, but we had to today to watch Shelb's meet. She understood.
 Shelb went home with one of her besties, Hailey...who is also a CC bud! 
 Team pic (girls)!
 And they were off...and boy was it HOT!  Can you spot Shelb?
 Crazy boys...
 Sweet boys
 Go Shelb...go!
 Waiting for Shelb to turn the corner...
 A nice rear shot of her and her running buddy.
 Crossing the 24th place out of 46. She wanted to be at the halfway mark, but she barely missed it.  But she did improve her time and on an extremely hot day that is awesome!  She was happy.  She really did great!
 A lovely shot of Pops and his Shelb...and Lo trying to grab her water...he was soooo thirsty (quite a bear)
 Nina and Pops came to support her. I knew it took out of Sue's time...but it was the only meet they could see while they were here.
 Hot, hot, hot...hottest day for running...ugh. Tough to watch, can't imagine running in it!  But Ash had endless energy...doing gymnastics in the field :)
 Evidence of the sun beating down on us! 
 After the meet...they had to run around the football field
 Time to go home!
 Oops...not enough seats for kids...Hays took our nice a/c van and we were stuck in an a/c-less seat-less Yukon.  Poor Shelb.
 We made it up to her with Chinese. She had been craving it since we thought we might have it this past weekend.  She was one happy girl!
 As was Hays after ballet...yummy Chinese...and Lo and his crazy eating habits.
 Daddy took this one of Ash at gymnastics...can you see her jumping!
 I almost didn't see Lo in this pic petting the sweet firedog.  He loves "woo woos"
LOL...can you spot Lo?  The one with the hat pulled over his head.  Crazy kid.
 Prepping for SAB...almost time to go back...this time next week we will be dropping her off!  Her summer was pretty much non-existent, but that's our ballerina's life.  Here is her ID pic...only way she can get her meals and in the building is to have this pic :)
 And our sweet Ash made this about herself.  I think the picture looks just like her :)  She also wrote a book about herself that I love, but it's hard to copy and put on here.  She's got a big heart!

Busy day.  Every day is busy.  Busy, busy, busy...

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!