Sunday, August 28, 2016

Nina and Pops are here...and a day by the lake/dam!

Well, in the midst of camping chaos I forgot to mention Nina and Pops are here!  They are in Sue Sue's custody now, so we haven't seen much of them...but they did take a break from house-work to chill with us by the lake today for a few hours.  Our fav. overlook park was rented out so we had to settle for a picnic by the dam, which was actually nice too!

 I will backtrack again...our morning was spent washing down all the tents and camping stuff. "Our" meaning Kev and D did it :)  Then we went to late service at church...mostly so Hays could go to her high school group service.  I really don't like going to this service. It seems like we wasted the morning and it was so late after.  But we do it every so often.
 Back to lake pics. 
 We had ants all around our table so daddy took his bucket and got free ant "spray" out of the dam water
 Playground "fun". He is a daredevil, but gets himself into predicaments sometimes!
 Playing tag and hide-n-seek.  Plus Hailey was attempting gymnastics.
 Smiley D.  Love him
 Whoa...stick to violin, Shelb! Though it almost does look like she's running upsidedown :)  Maybe this is new XC training.
 future gymnast, Lo?
 Quickly turned to not-so-fun.
 Orange boys!
 The king of "dogs"  He's getting good at grillin' this weekend!
 Awww, softie Pops :)
 Eating our lunch by the water.  Almost looks like NC from this angle.
 Sue Sue and silly Asher :)
 Pops eating his 2nd dog...he's a growing boy :)
 Pops showing Loggy his fav. poop picture from our FL trip.  Fond memories.
 Loggy was so proud he went down the pole all by himself.
 Fascination with the dam water!
 More fascination!  It was pretty cool!
 Our own Hoover Dam :)
 Best part for Lo was putting his feet in it as it splashed up!
 cracked him up! :)
 Roasting mellows was one thing we didn't get to do while camping in our soggy campfire...not sure this counts doing it over a charcoal grill?
 And we finally made our "smoreos"...yumm!
 Pops even tried an oreo. He is not a sweets guy and said he hasn't tried one since he was a kid...or maybe since I was a kid?  He said they were better then.
 Nina claimed to be the expert mellow roaster
 She was very proud of her browning technique.  Maybe slightly braggy about it :) :)
 Our picnic-y gang
 Frisbee time...Lo had his own technique but it was pretty effective
 Long-limbed Hays won monkey in the middle
 It was a very humid day, but at least tolerable here by the water and in the shade.
 rock throwing/skipping
 And finally fishing. I wish we had brought our real poles...we have three that have never been used.  But have no fear, fisherman mama was here. I found a hook and some fishing line and Shelb found me a long stick. We made our own pole and used bun for bait.  I know those fish were tempted. They were tugging on the line. I know it.
 She's a very patient fishergirl...but unfortunately our line got stuck on a rock and we lost our hook and bait under water.  Bummer. I was sure we were going to win the $100 Nina and Pops told us we'd get if we got a fish.  Stinks. 
 We did catch a butterfly at the outlook.  Does that count for at least $50?
 Loggy found "hot dog stairs" to climb. lol.  They do look like hotdogs (green ones). He was right!
 Ash captured the butterfly briefly. Then let him go.
 Annual overlook pics :)
 Sweaty Hays and daddy (and Shelby) had to love on me and squeeze their sweat on me (one thing I do not like is sweat...ick).  Yuck.
 Overlook selfie...minus the overlook...we couldn't get it in.
 This was our best attempt at it....see the lake back there. Last week this time we were on it!
 Home...and we found Loggy outside by himself riding his bike.  Lovely independent boy.
 We were working on homework tonight..this time it was hw I agreed to do for Ashley's teacher...making binoculars.
 Thankfully Hays helped and we got them done pronto!
I spy you!

Now onto another school week and Hays' last week home...a week from now we will be in NYC dropping her off for her Junior year.  Wow. Time flies.

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