Monday, August 8, 2016

Not ready

 Very much resisting school starting in a day.  So not ready mentally.  Here's a few pics of our 2nd to last day of summer....I think my goal for the next month is to only post a few pics a day.  I just have to focus on other things this month.  Today Hailey could have gotten her official license...but she did not want to do so at our Ellettsville branch (Bloomy is closed on Mondays), so we are now waiting to do it til school starts here.  Fine by me. But she is still driving us all around town.  It's nice having a chauffeur!
 Someone was absolutely thrilled that he got invited to a back to school party with all his best friends!  Very last minute, but it worked out great!  They had water fun, pizza and a scavenger hunt around town!
 Someone was very excited to find this in our mounds of mail...yay for preschool starting next week!  Not sure he will be this happy that day bc he loves his mama, but hopefully he sheds no tears!
 Someone had Middle School orientation today!  YAY for 7th grade!
 Someone started swim lessons today. It has been our first summer not doing any for the other kids, but they all know how to swim and we needed to save money. But this guy is doing 4 days of lessons this week. He seemed to love it and a fruit snack as bribery may or may not have been motivation for doing his best.  He is in class with one other little boy.  Nice!
 It's nice having our NYC girl home for a few weeks...this is her only vacation of the summer.  She slept in a little bit and drove us to swim lessons and then hung out at home all day til her get together with ballet friends for dinner. 
 Giddy over swim lessons (or rather over the thought of getting a fruit snack)
 I didn't take any other pics of Ash today, so this one shows she was around :) 
She's a pro at her locker and was happy with her locker decorations (most were Hailey's old ones and were black so you can't even seen them on the right), but she did get a new pink locker shelf at Target today!   And now she is at a sleepover with her bestie :)

A busy day of swimming, driving, going to the library, cross country, violin, chores, seeing friends, shopping, school orientation and tomorrow is more of the same.  Digging in my heels that school is really this close to starting, but ready or not, here it comes....

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Ash is back!!!

She had a great week at camp! She talked non stop all the way home.  Lol!