Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Preschool, ballet, hide-n-seek, camp-prepping, AWANA and the craziness of life...

Well, we are starting to get back in our schedule.  It doesn't all officially start til Labor Day week, which unfortunately means Nina and Poppy Stegs are tackling it before Kev and I do since we will be in NYC...but that's the way it worked out.  Anyway...I am not lovin' our new schedule and tonight is feeling very overwhelming with a middle schooler in tears bc she is so tired, but has so much hw to do and tests to study for.  Summer, where did you go?'s a few pics of the day...

 We love it a lot.  We run to it!
 And keep running!
 We sign in very quickly...
 and get to work...we love these dot paints!  They are what won him an Honor at the fair!  Yay, for dot paints!
 Back at IU for ballet...this time with the college freshman.  She was happy, I think.
 A sorta sly thumbs up after preschool!
 So darn cute!  3 days of preschool down! YAY!
 Like old times...waiting at the MAC circle by our fav. red sculpture.
 we found some old dum dums and ate them...yum!
 I miss this...seems weird to see her walking out of IU again...
 I actually sat for an hour and put my feet up. I was not that relaxing and I had so many things I needed to do, but was looking for camp food ideas for our big campout this weekend!  Loggy was shooting me with nerf guns. 
 He then started to play hide n seek.
 Best part was that he let me do it from bed so I never had to move. He just kept moving places in the room and cracking up when I found him.
 Such a happy boy.
 He makes me smile :)
 Doing homework outside the van while waiting for Shelb at cross country was hot and some storms were blowing in so the breeze outside the van was more tempting than sitting inside.
 National Waffle Day!  So grateful Hailey was home bc I texted her and she got the batter all made and ready for us...we only had 15 mins to eat once we got home.
 My waffle
not sure whose looks better, but both tasted yummers!
 I think they have officially made "National days" for everything...but we make the best of it!
 I had a BTV meeting for Shelb at school right in the midst of our tornado warning torrential downpour, so daddy took the kids to first day of AWANA at church.  Lo was in rare form.
 I am volunteering every other week so I went from my middle school meeting to a meeting at church.  Too busy of a night for me.  But Lo loves it (that is why I am doing it)...he is a Cubbie (first time you can do AWANA is age 3)...he had fun with his buddy, Owen, running and jumping in puddles after.
 My crazy Awana kids.  Ash didn't really want to do it this year, but her best bud is doing it, so she talked her into it.
And the torture of the evening...ugh, hw.  I wish things could be easier for her. She has my perfectionism personality...darn that! 

These late nights stink.  I think schools should have no hw if you have to already be at school and work all day.  This bites.

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