Friday, August 19, 2016



Will post another day. Just so glad it's Friday. A busy-ish day. Speech eval for Logan. Looks like he will go to haileys old school (university) twice a week starting in 2 weeks) and then spent the morning shopping and catching up on school paperwork.  Good grief it's getting hard to keep track of 5 kids stuff!   We took a nice walk to our playground and played with hays then off for our two hour daily school pickup and cross country wait.  Not crazy about our new routine and we have no activities started yet which means it will get worse.  Hays met with ballet friends at Olive Garden for dinner and drove by herself for the first time.  The three youngest played in the water slide while daddy did yard work and Shelb did hw. That poor girl never gets a break. We are tired.  Have I mentioned we can't wait for summer.  Only 9 more months!!

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