Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thank goodness it's almost Friday

Well, not much to show for the day. I had hoped to get the house picked up and camping stuff packed, but there are just not enough hours in the day!  I did, however go eat lunch with my fav. 2nd grader. I wanted to scope out her new friend-base.  This is her new bestie apparently.  It just so happens Dylan and her big bro played soccer together last they had played together at the fields often.  They both talk about as much as each other too...a mile a minute. I could barely get a word in and they barely ate bc they were talking so much! lol :)

 Loved eating with my youngest girl and boy!
 Then we hit the stores. Had to get some bargains at the dollar store...ended up with more than I went in there for, of course!  Lo had brought his own money (unbeknownst to me!) and he talked me into letting him spend his quarter on a bouncy ball. He even knew which coin was a quarter. He is a smartie!
 He was pretty excited when that ball rolled out!
 Another Kroger run for the week...for camping supplies and food.  He was in rare form here...can you tell by the sugar eyes?!
 Fun times with Hailey...and playing hide-n-seek. He is a good hider if he'd just keep quiet!
 LOL...lazy days with his Hayeee...watching movies under the :)
 Then he got mad at me/us. I told him he could play with Playdoh if he ate his yogurt. He did not want to eat his yogurt so he went under the table and pouted and told me, "I am not your Loggy anymore!" :)  He did something similar to his Hayeeee after I left for school. He can be a stubborn stinker!  But he did finally finish his yogurt...just too late to play with Playdoh, which again made him mad!
Chatting it up with our best 6th bday boy, Austin! Love that crazy kid!

And below is where we are now...still up doing hw...Shelby has strings homework for her orchestra class at school along with 3 tests to study for...and D is up still after cub scouts...he had hw he never finished (rare for him).  I am tired of these late nights.  No idea how to change them...but we are trying. Tonight Shelb had to skip her church core group last minute. We never do this, but she had too many other things to do and was too tired after XC.  Sometimes we just can't do it all.  That allowed me to stay home all night...not leaving the house was nice.  But I am just feeling blah about things.  Not sure why.  Feeling bad for our neighbors who had a fire and the front of their house is ruined.  And tonight we are on alert for a person who is breaking and entering and assaulting people (across the street). I know these things happen all the time, but they don't happen a lot here, especially around the corner.  Feeling tired too.  Everything seems worse when you are tired.  Sleep is calling my name.

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