Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The beach life never grows old!

Well, we are day 3 of beach life and loving it. Even if the rain comes or storms are brewing off shore there is just so much beauty and simplicity to this life. We go from pool to beach and repeat the same all day. It's rough. There was no fishing today on boat or land, but Jeff's old friend and fam visited and we had a lovely day on the beach and ocean kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding and just chilling. We even talked Shelb into doing some cross country training on the beach. Pops even ran along with her for a bit. (Impressive, Ol' Pops!). And the latter part of the day was spent in the pool chillin' and playing competitive water volleyball. (My team won of course...I've still got skills!) we are all tanner than all get out and I don't think I've worn shoes all week. This is the life. Tomorrow two boys are off fishing and the rest of us sleep in. Yay for sleep. Surprisingly that is one thing we are still lacking in.  Need some zzzzz's!

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