Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Last Day of Summer :(

 Wow, where did summer go? That is all I can say. June seemed so peaceful and relaxing...July just sped by...and August is just non-existent as far a summer goes.  I had high hopes for having fun today, but there were just too many other things going on that we had to do instead....but we did start off the morning with a breakfast of champs...some meat, some sweet, some fruit...yumm...and fun with food as usual :)  Shelb was at a sleepover so she missed out!  Hays ate early since she was having lunch early with friends.
 Swim lesson day 2...swimming in the deep diving pool. Look at him go! No fear!
 Ugh...to Kroger twice today...this is the 5th time since I have been home from FL...ugh, ugh, ugh.  And also the dollar store and a couple other places today.
 Meet the teacher at elementary school...it was a red carpet event.  I think Dylan got his pic taken by the newspaper.  But I will never know...we don't read it.
 The awesome 2nd grader and 5th grader. I think they were both a little bummed to be split from friends...tis the case often with our kids bc they are good, smart kids...they tend to split them from their friends.  Oh well. They are friendly enough and make new friends.  I hope it's a good year. I'm a little nervous for certain reasons.
 XC practice in 92 degree heat...poor kid.  First meet is next Monday so she has to get that training in
 Early dinner at our fav. celebratory place...Mother Bear's Pizza. Yumm!
 crazy shananigans between sisters
 Our driver for the day...she spent a good portion of the day with her old school friends eating lunch and walking Kirkwood
 Snip Snip...haircuts for the two girls...they were not too excited, but had to be done and I do not pay for their hair to get cut by someone else. 
 Last summer hurrah...ice cream cones and sundaes.  Daddy missed out...he worked late.
 We got new water guns bc they were on clearance...we had a little water fun before showers and bed.
 Even Hailey joined in.
 All packed and ready to go...sigh.  What happened to school starting in Sept?
Last thing of the night...nails...
And they are off to dreamland...and ready to get up early for the first day. 
Not ready for this, but doesn't matter...it's almost here...

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Nancy Gritter said...

Awwwww, 1st day of school, almost here!!!! Where did the summer go??? It will be Christmas before ya know it! haha :) Mmmm, Mother Bears!!!! My favorite place!!! LOVE their pizza! And ice cream!!! I am trying not to buy it...Happy 1st day of school everyone! xo Nina